ADAO Supported The British School of Brussel (BSB) with Digital Marketing

The British School of Brussel (BSB) was established in 1970. The school has over 1350 students aged 1-18 years, from approximately 70 nationalities across the world.

The Brief

BSB is always striving to drive awareness of their facilities to those already settled in Belgium, or towards those considering or committed to expatriating across the Brussels area.

Their role at ADAO is to support with levels of awareness of the school across all channels, from organic and paid (PPC) to social media. The objective being to increase the number of enquiries or admission forms submitted to the BSB registrations team.

BSB also utilizes ADAO’s creative nouse, with their design team working on a content calendar to create display ads for the third-party websites BSB uses to advertise through.


The ADAO Approach

There are three separate areas of the school to boost awareness of, from the early childhood center to primary and secondary areas of the school.

Importantly, their digital marketing team at ADAO is already aware of the attraction and pull of Brussels as a hub for multinationals to expatriate to, aware that Brussels is home to some of the world’s largest organizations in the European Union and NATO. This has certainly supported audience and demographic targeting for a number of their campaigns.

With paid search (PPC), the team at ADAO has been supporting the visibility of BSB through the search and display networks. Understanding the split between age ranges and the split between nursery, primary and secondary; specific audience groups have been created, along with banner ads served through remarketing, specific to the landing page experience. By understanding the user journey through the website, ADAO has tailored the marketing to support the user experience.

In addition to paid advertising, their digital marketing team has worked to optimize the website organically through SEO practices across three languages, English, French, and Dutch. This on-page optimization has been supported through off-page optimization and in supporting the school through digital PR and mentions which boost awareness of the BSB brand.


Full Website Migration

BSB’s site was built on Umbraco, and it proved to be very difficult for them to update content, create new landing pages, and make general adjustments. ADAO has recently completed an entire migration over to WordPress CMS, with their intuitive and easy-to-use flexible page builder tool, allowing them to be able to quickly update literally anything on the website in a matter of clicks.

The migration was no mean feat, as the site is built with 85 pages, all in three languages (totaling over 200 pages) and 220 blog posts over each language (English, French and Dutch).

The Results So Far

  • +17% Sessions
  • +20% Users
  • -10% Bounce
  • +13% PPC Sessions
  • +52% Admissions Enquiries
  • +231% Completed Application Forms

BSB is an outstanding case for highlighting the value of qualitative over quantitative traffic. The conversion rate on key calls to action has increased greatly over the past year after refining a number of campaigns.

Kim Burgess, Marketing & Communications Director at British School of Brussels, said:

ADAO have always been extremely responsive to requests however large or small. I like their creative work but also their professionalism. Their turnaround time is excellent. In my experience, there is a desire to really understand the client and their market. Fully supportive, the team has helped us enormously with paid, search engine optimization support and advert creation.

About ADAO

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