Abstrakt Increased The Social Reach Of Brand Message

The UK’s go-to platform for employee advocacy, Brand Message harnesses personal Twitter and LinkedIn profiles to establish brand loyalty and consistent messaging.

Brand Message needed an application that would motivate teams to increase their company’s social reach across their employee’s personal networks. The platform needed to allow content and messages to remain consistent, make it easy to share, display analytics and gamify the process to keep employees engaged.

As well as the saas application itself, they needed a brand identity, interface design, website design and digital marketing to launch the product itself to a BETA audience for testing, with on-going support for the product and sprint-based updates to their marketing website as the product progressed to a public launch.

Therefore, they approached Abstrakt.


Visual Identity

It was important to create an environment that was welcoming and inclusive to anyone using the platform. The sans serif logomark and accompanying asset were designed to be simple and unobtrusive so that the vibrancy and compelling illustration and gamification of the application was the driving force to motivate employees. And so that Brand Message was seen with a fun fondness over work-related chores.



A marketing website to attract brand sign up.
The illustrative style gives flow to call out benefits when using Brand Message whilst offering intriguing hints to the in-app design and what is possible for a brand’s and their performance across social media networks. Abstrakt purposefully steered away from a corporate-looking design to bring through the fun side of employee advocacy to engage advocates and marketing managers.



When it came to illustration Abstrakt created a dynamic style that was soft and easily flowed alongside the tone of voice of the brand. The approachable and playful illustrative style carries through the individual characters, objects and badges to bring a delightful experience to the employee user at every touchpoint as a brand admin or employee advocate.

Throughout the marketing website and the platform, the illustrative assets are floating within the space to mimic Brand Message relieving a brand’s pressure and the weight of posting content to their social feeds manually, and prompting employees to share.


Application Development

Building an intelligent web platform for social sharing.
Brand Message is a web application that intelligently works with Twitter and LinkedIn’s APIs to pull through post engagement and post directly to the social networks themselves. Through gamification, the app responds to employees and triggers badge rewards based on engagement and in-app activity with delightful interactions.

From the stylised and motivating areas for employee advocates to the analytical and user-led face of the brand admin, the application’s user experience makes it an easy, intuitive and accessible platform for all that’s entirely scalable as the features grow.

Lauren Swarbrick, the Managaing Director at Brand Message stated:

This project really was a labour of love for the whole team. And boy does it show!

About Abstrakt

Abstrakt creates epic user-centric brand and digital experiences that differentiate and resonate in today’s fast paced, ever changing business environment.

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