A Talk With Stephen Saulpaugh From Ruckus Marketing About Digital Transformation of Businesses and Digital Agencies

Marketing Manager at Ruckus Marketing, Stephen Saulpaugh, answered our questions about the digital transformation after the pandemic.

You can read the full Q&A below:

Q1. The last two quarters have been challenging for the world. How has your team been faring? What’s next for them and for your agency?

I’m really pleased with how our team has adapted over the past six months. This entire thing has forced us to establish new procedures to remain efficient for our clients. In doing so, we’ve become a more well-rounded team as we head into the future.


Q2. What challenges did you meet during the COVID-19 outbreak and how did you overcome them? What do you advise the ones facing the same?

Like most teams, we had to navigate the overwhelming amount of shifts in KPIs for our clients. We service clients across a wide variety of industries, so this included reallocating previously earmarked budgets, rescheduling campaign launches, and creating new content for our clients so that content that had been previously planned didn’t come across tone-deaf.

Q3. Thankfully the majority of the digital agencies were already equipped and trained to work remotely. So during the outbreak, they were all able to work from home. However, we assume that you have clients from different sectors that are not familiar with online meetings. How do you manage video calls instead of in-person meetings with them? And how do your customers feel about it?

It might sound simple, but agendas are really helpful in making sure that time is being utilized efficiently. Overall, clients have been able to adapt really well to digital meetings!

Q4. What were the top three remote working tools which your team has been using, internally or externally, during the outbreak? And what are your thoughts on them?

Asana: We use Asana for our main internal project management processes. The organization is the key to operating in a deadline and results-driven environment – and Asana is a huge key to how we stay organized.

Loom: I was so late to the Loom game, but now that I’m using the platform, I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s easy to shoot and send quick videos to clients explaining reports or walking them through how to set something up.

AirTable: This platform has been key as content development remains fluid during the changing social landscape. The fact that it’s cloud-based makes it easy for our internal teams to collaborate while providing an easy tool for clients to leave feedback and approvals.

Q5. What industries are your clients mainly focused on? How has COVID-19 affected these industries?

Our clients operate across a wide variety of industries. A few of our e-commerce clients have experienced lower traffic and sales volumes, while our clients in the wine & spirits industry are thriving right now. We also support several clients with experiential activations throughout the year.

With no one flying and the prohibition of gatherings, we’ve helped clients put on digital events. We’ve remained busy preparing for events, exhibitions, and functions that will happen in the Fall of 2020 and Winter of 2021.

Q6. The companies which have survived the first few months of the coronavirus outbreak have been getting back to business. We would love to hear your observations and experience regarding actions by different sectors during the post-COVID-19 era.

Brands that have used the downtime to improve their marketing infrastructure are enjoying a quicker return to normalcy. Early on, we stressed clients to develop new content, optimize websites, and build an awesome email list.

Q7. Digital marketing is evolving every day. And digital agencies are the ones who need to adapt quickly so as to success. With this fact in mind, can you mention some of your investment plans for business development in Q4?

We’re currently working through exciting ways to highlight the work we’ve done for clients over the last six months, which, I feel, will go a long way for potential clients who might be apprehensive to invest in marketing.


Q8. As an effect of the coronavirus pandemic, investments in digital marketing have been rising, which promotes higher competition between digital agencies. Considering all these, what are your plans to promote your business in the last quarter of 2020?

Something our clients have expressed loving through working with us is the fact that even though we are a boutique-sized agency, we have 100% in-house capabilities. We’re able to oversee full-scale campaigns from video production, graphic design, media buying, and reporting. It gives our clients comfort and we’re proud to highlight that breadth of service to new prospects.

Q9. How does being a DAN member contribute to your agency’s success?

The partnership helps us stand out and provides targeted prospects that help with our new business efforts. We look forward to continuing the partnership into the future!