A Salute To Single Mothers On Father’s Day

A special take on a familiar cliché, Angel Soft wishes single mothers a happy father’s day!

Honoring all single mothers who played the role of both father and mother for their children, a group of adults raised by these unfamed heroes, wish their moms a happy father’s day.

A real tear-jerker, this project by Deutsch LA for Georgia Pacific’s Angel Soft bathroom tissue, pulls at the heartstrings of the viewer with its unique and captivating approach to Father’s day. Two and a half minutes packed with emotion, tales of superman-ship and courage, and appreciation for their mothers, this video features a group of men and women, who speak about being raised up single-handedly by a mother.

It acknowledges the struggles of single mothers who gracefully step into the roles of both the parents and accomplish the impossible every single day, underlining the toilet paper brand’s new tagline, ‘Be Soft, Be Strong,’ these mothers viewed as an example of both elements: soft and strong.

The original and poignant concept, as well as the neat execution, wins the day for Angel Soft!

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