A Q&A Session With Rakefet Yacoby-From, CMO at Mayple

We had an interview with Rakefet Yacoby-From, CMO at Mayple about their agency culture, her career and her thoughts about diversity in the digital marketing industry.

Rakefet says their team at Mayple is diverse as they focus on talents! Here you can read the full Q&A:

1. Can you tell us about your personal journey and your current position at the agency?

I started my journey as a tour guide actually. Telling stories about places, to groups of people. I took this with me to my next 8 years of consulting career where I worked for 2 leading strategy consulting firm. I worked with many CMOs, helping them scale their marketing and brand, and when I heard about Mayple, it was love of first sight. Now I’m leading Mayple’s growth as the CMO, helping other marketing leaders in much better way.


2. How diverse is your team? Do you believe agencies should take further actions to diversify their teams?

Mayple has a very diverse team because we focus on talent. Around 50% of our business departments are women. It makes a huge difference having a diverse team. More balanced opinions and diverse perspectives give us the opportunity to build customers experience which is much more seamless and answers a variety of needs.

3. Do you think there is a gender gap in the digital marketing industry? If yes, what are the main reasons for that?

There is a gap. One of the reasons is that the digital marketing industry is super fragmented. Many experienced professionals take the step of being independent, build their own business. This is a risky move that is less appealing when you have young children at home. The good thing about COVID was that everyone worked from home and it becomes more legit to have your children walk around you while you’re closing a deal with a client.

4. How can we support the next generation of female marketers entering the digital marketing industry?

Focus on talent and performance, and not on sales pitches and personal branding. And, we need more leading women tell their story and inspire young women.

5. Considering the industry dynamics, do you think it’s more challenging for women to become leaders in the digital marketing ecosystem? Why/why not?

Considering today’s industry dynamic I think it’s a bit less challenging for women to become leaders in this ecosystem. The talent economy, and the data-driven and performance-driven marketing approach many brands embrace, allow women to stand out based on what they can deliver.

6. Who has been an inspiration to you in your life and why?

Ok, this might sound funny, but most definitely David Attenborough. When I was a child a dreamt of doing what he does. He has the perfect combination of love and passion, with precision and consistency. Waiting for so long to see a nature phenomenon and then being excited from every detail is inspirational. I am also inspired by his work today to drive awareness to our planet situation and needs.

7. Why do you think your agency stands out from other digital agencies?

Mayple is very unique compared to digital agencies because we are unbiased. Our ability to create the perfect marketing team for any specific type of client, allows us to provide impartial advice and monitor our client’s marketing campaigns. We also have access to the best talent in the industry, which makes it a lot easier to achieve great results for our clients.

8. How does being a DAN member contribute to your agency’s success?

We love being a DAN member. It helps us bring our name to the most relevant businesses and be part of a community of highly successful digital agencies in each area.

Bonus: What has been your favorite lockdown activity to do at home?

That’s a good one! My favorite lockdown activity was spending time with my children, 24 hours a day. At times it was challenging, but I really had the opportunity to get to know them better, and bond with them better. We cooked, watched movies, painted and more.