A New Commercial From BCWorks Redefining Happiness Starring Singer Yasar

People have been looking for happiness their whole life, but what if happiness found you this time?

Helis Serina’s advertising film reminds us again that happiness is not far away. It is next to us, in a happy home, in good neighborly relations and properly selected living spaces.

In this project, where the theme of happiness is processed, we see sections from the experiences of 4 different families in the Helis Serina’s villa project within one day.


A woman who goes to her husband in the morning, a woman who does her daily sports, children who joke with their father, a young woman who spends time in her garden, and one of the famous singers of Turkey who greets his neighbors with his morning coffee live.

The site residents we saw in the final meet for dinner at the house of their famous neighbor Yaşar and continue to have a pleasant time with the music.

Yasar Gunacgun’s song “Come with Me”, published in Turkey in 1996, is the campaign’s main focus. Due to its romantic melodies and acoustic rhythm, the new version of the song directs the audience directly to the Helis Serina Villa project located in Bodrum.

As individuals continue their daily lives in the project, we witness that happiness is a permanent part of their lives.

In this campaign, you won’t have to search for happiness because happiness is the main theme, which you’ll find in Helis Serina.

Creating a Campaign With a Mind of Clips

By processing the campaign with lyrical textures, BCWorks created the image of a music video. Our goal was to convey the experience and concept of the campaign. Therefore, we chose not to make the product the movie’s title.

The updated version of the song “Come with Me”, which was released for the first time in 1996, and created for the Helis Serina project, was reinterpreted to integrate with the project effectively.

The campaign, created 26 years later in the mind of a clip, aims to remind people of the neighborhood of the 90s, their solitary home life, and the concept of a house integrated with nature. The song’s lyrics promise happiness and the encouraging name directly matches Helis Serina’s project, providing a strong narrative for the campaign.

One of the campaign messages is:

“While you have a happy life, Helis Serina villas will accompany you as one of the main parts of this story.”

BCWorks, which has implemented a campaign engraved in memory with the techniques it uses both visually and audibly, has reflected the texture and vivid colors of the Aegean Region and Bodrum directly on the advertising film.

The Team Behind This Exciting Campaign

  • Advertising Agency: BCWorks Creative and Technology Agency, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Agency Founder: Mehmet Bayram
  • Executive Creative Director: Tuğba Almas
  • Digital Creative Director: Burak Cingöz, Firat Bayer
  • Art Director: Merve Yildirim
  • Writer: Sinan Sezer Ayaz, Alev Eren, Sevil Kale
  • Motion Graphic Designer: Fatih Sağlam
  • Customer Relationship Management: Bulent Sarigul, Emre Aksungur
  • Production Company: Portakal Studio
  • Directed by: Yunus Koray Akar & Said Dağdeviren
  • Director of Photography: Doğan Sarıgüzel
  • Producer: BCWorks Creative and Technology Agency
  • Music: Yaşar Günaçgün, Jinglehouse
  • Motion Capture Chef: Ayşegül Fidan
  • Post-Production: Busra Cankur, Seren Muminoglu, Ahmet Burak Tur

About BCWorks Creative & Technology

BCWorks, a partner of Google Partners and Facebook Marketing Partners, is an interdisciplinary advertising agency offering digital and creative solutions.