A “Like” Button Alternative For Facebook? Not A “Dislike” Button!

Facebook to launch an alternative to the like button for people to better express their empathy!

In light of this, Facebook’s overlord, Mark Zuckerberg revealed at a live Q&A session at the company’s Menlo Park headquarters this Tuesday that the company was working on a new empathy button for Facebook.

Zuckerberg acknowledged that people have been asking for a dislike button for several years now but this is the first time the company is working to build one.

However, for those eager to throw shade on a thousand pictures of other people’s babies that no one wants to see, don’t hold your breath for a ‘dislike’ button. Zuckerberg explicitly said that it wasn’t what Facebook was developing.

Watch the full account here:

Unlike Reddit’s downvote system, the new button would be an expression of empathy; for tragedies befallen on victims or their families, for catastrophic news, for all things that are inappropriate to ‘like’. Unlike the fabled ‘dislike’ button, empathy is thankfully a notion difficult to abuse.

Zuckerberg says about the need for an empathy button,

What they really want is the ability to express empathy. Not every moment is a good moment.

Having shied away from a dislike button for years fearing it would bring in rampant negativity, Facebook finally caves in to offer us to express something other than a mere ‘like’.

For the world’s biggest social network to mature fully, it needs to provide users with in-built tools to express a spectrum of thoughts and feelings.

The new feature, due to roll out soon, is sure to bring Zuckerberg one step closer toward his goal of making Facebook a “reflection of real-world relationships.”

A Facebook button for empathy: Like or dislike?

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