A Case Study from Tzu & Co. for a Shipment Firm Qantas Freight

Shipment firm Qantas Freight had limited visibility over the performance of their digital marketing activity. With the partnership of Tzu & Co., they were able to develop their digital marketing strategy.

Qantas Freight

Qantas Freight is responsible for the air cargo operations of the Qantas Group. It is Australia’s largest independent air freight services business:

They are shipping more than 4000 air freight items daily as long as servicing over 500 destinations globally and utilising 22 dedicated cargo handling terminals around the world.

The Challenge

Qantas Freight Communications, Product and Marketing had limited visibility over the performance of their digital marketing activity and were uncertain of the role that digital marketing should play to assist in the success of their business.

Subsequently, Qantas Freight was seeking a partner who could help them; define their current state, define where they wanted to be, develop a roadmap to get them there and ensure a successful implementation. Inherently, this would lead to more measured and accountable communication investments and better customer experiences at a lower cost.


What Did Tzu & Co. Achieve?

Tzu & Co. led a digital current state analysis (LOAD), reviewing Qantas Freight’s people, process, platforms, and promotions, as well as their external stakeholder experiences – against the context of the overarching business objectives and strategy, and competitive landscape.

On completion of the assessment, Tzu & Co. delivered a strategic workshop to assist the communications, product & marketing team to make decisions on what they ‘would’ and ‘would not’ do, in order to achieve their winning aspirations. The deliverable was a one-page strategic document with five key initiatives and an actionable roadmap – this includes projects in areas such as data-utilisation and CRM.

Then, Tzu was tasked to oversee some of the key components of implementation, to ensure success against the vision.


  • Traffic to key self-services areas of the website have increased,
  • Calls to the call-centre have decreased,
  • Self-service conversions for retail channels have increased,
  • The marketing team is now a data-led and upskilled.

About Tzu & Co.

Tzu & Co. is an independent, solutions-agnostic digital strategy and marketing consulting firm that specialises in helping large slower-moving legacy organisations.