A Bold New Identity Sets the Foundation for Rainfall’s Future

Rainfall was founded in 2016 with the belief that clients would be better served by a creative agency that places the needs of its audience members at the center of everything they make.

This approach has served them well, and over the last several years they have developed amazing work for companies of all sizes, each time starting with a deep exploration into the people who interact with their products and services.

Rainfall pride itself on letting that work speak for itself, demonstrating its capabilities, ethos, and meticulous nature through in-depth case studies that explore the strategy and impact of every decision.

While humility is important to their culture, they want more people to see what they have achieved, and trust that their approach can result in solutions that transform their business.

The Solution

As with client work, Rainfall applied Design Made Human™ to identify the needs and desires of both current and future audience members, and address gaps in their marketing and new business efforts.

Through those activities, they saw a consistent need to provide a more complete picture of their service offering and unique approach so that they stand out from their peers and build trust with potential clients.

Rainfall’s resulting identity is intentionally assertive, allowing them to articulate exactly what they do, and how their work sets the standard for their field.

It is bold rather than “shiny,” “slick,” or “techy,” because they have a point of view and sensibilities rooted in design philosophy and bespoke solutions rather than the latest trends.

PP Right Grotesk serves as the foundation of their visual language, boasting unique letterforms that can be set wide and bold to give ownership to their message and strength to their voice.

While they can now say more, Rainfall continues to embrace its philosophy that work speaks the loudest.

Using the variable capabilities of PP Right Grotesk’s visual moments can push words out of the way, literally illustrating the maxim “Show, don’t tell.”

Working with illustrator Lillian Liu, Rainfall developed a family of hand-drawn icons that exude the free-flowing nature of their iterative design process and feel like a “peek behind the curtain” into how they work.

The Result

The result is an unorthodox and recognizable pairing of type and image that is easily tailored to any headline, announcement, or affirmation.

Simple animation brings the effect to life, as does a palette inspired by the unique landscape of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

With a new identity and framework for expressing ourselves, their work, and their beliefs, they’re poised to confidently make their presence known and encourage the world that they should be paying attention to Rainfall’s work.

About Rainfall

Rainfall designs brand experiences, from digital products, interfaces, and websites, to alluring visual identities. They love both coasts and have studios in New York City and Seattle where they build delightful and effective solutions for a wide range of clients.