93digital Created a Marketing Focused Website for Technology Company Immerse

A functional, cutting edge marketing focused website designed and built by digital agency 93digital for a leading B2B VR training platform technology company Immerse.


Creating a website that supports the futuristic VR training platform Immerse provides, while supporting ongoing digital marketing.


The Challenge

Immerse’s platform supports dynamic virtual reality training and assessment scenarios for business, enabling interaction with objects and other participants. Each of these interactions is captured to provide detailed reporting and analytics, for post training reviews. The big aim of the project was to move the focus from an individual one-off product solution to a platform-based, licenses SaaS solution.

Immerse came to 93digital with a website already built, although one with a few functionality flaws on the backend, and in need of a website refresh that emulated the cutting edge technology service Immerse were offering to support future digital marketing and revenue growth.


The Solution

One of the key aims of this project was a clarification of the technology and service Immerse provide. As a result, the UX, content and design, all had to reflect the change in message, to ensure target user personas were clear on Immerse’s offering. It was also essential to ensure that the website looks and feels clearly aligned with the futuristic service that Immerse provides.

UX & Design

With Immerse already having defined brand guidelines, the 93digital team focused on creating a website that feels modern, clean, sleek and innovative, all while being reflective of the pioneering technology the company is offering.


Content Migration & Development

Another key feature of the project was the content migration of old posts. As the old site used a defunct page builder, this made migration more tricky for their developers. Nonetheless, they focused on getting the content over.

The web development team also worked on broadly streamlining the backend and removing unnecessary plugins to make the site faster and functionally easier for editors and admins.

The project timing also coincided with the release of a new editor for WordPress, Gutenberg, and so was one of their first projects to use it!

Other Integrations

In order to keep the focus firmly on driving leads, the website was also integrated with Zoho CRM, and email/marketing automation platform, HubSpot.

Notable Features

  • A website designed for different user personas
  • Clearing out unnecessary plugins
  • Zoho CRM integration
  • Hubspot integration

About 93digital

93digital are The London WordPress Agency, an award winning digital agency specialising in enterprise delivery of the most popular CMS in the world – WordPress.