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8 Ways Social Media Marketing Can Influence On Your Blog

Most bloggers know that social media marketing can aid blog promotion greatly. However, how does this happen exactly?

Probably it requires something more than simply writing a blog post and sharing it online.

Of course. In order to make the most out of social media promotion, you have to know how exactly does it work. Here are 8 ways social media can influence your blog, allowing you to make the most out of it.

1. They encourage the conversation.

Sure, the first step to becoming visible on social media is to share your blog’s content there. However, if you do want this to go well, you have to do it right.

Do not simply repost it – instead, present your content in the most appealing way. Come up with a catchy title and encourage readers to ask questions, voice their opinions, and so on. Encourage the conversation using any means you can, because the more people discuss your content, the more visible and shared it becomes.

2. They increase your domain’s authority.

When it comes to search engine rankings, different things matter. Social media links are one of these things. If your blog is connected to various social media or to social bookmarking websites, its domain’s authority will increase.

3. They help you build a reputation.

The more experienced in the niche you look, the more it benefits you. Niche experts can promote goods and services, become ambassadors for a certain brand or a product, and their posts have more value. Social media can help you become a niche expert.

How do you become one? Well, the first thing to do is to fill your blog with useful content related to a certain niche. Then you can use social media to find people asking questions related to this niche. Answer their questions providing backlinks to your blog. This way you’ll be able to not only drive more traffic to the blog but also build up a loyal audience. After all, people do appreciate when someone helps them.


4. They allow using different tools for promotion.

It’s always nice to offer different kinds of content to the people – for example, use videos and live broadcasts to offer some additional information or quick summaries of your previous posts. Videos are especially appreciated these days when people don’t always find time to read blog posts.

However, if you try promoting your videos with YouTube only and won’t share this information somewhere besides your blog, you’ll probably don’t attract many viewers. Using social media for that is a completely different thing: for example, Twitter and Facebook even allow embedding videos into posts, making it easier for the audience to watch them.

5. They make you more visible.

Most social media have their own ranking systems. This means that when a content gets shared or liked a lot, it becomes even more visible: social media start positioning it higher than other less liked posts and offering it content not only to your audience but to their followers too.

That’s a simple yet very effective way to gain more traffic without even putting many efforts into it.

6. They allow bigger promotion.

Likes and shares aren’t the only things you can use for promotion. One of the best ways to drive more traffic to your blog and to connect with people from your target audience is to use social groups.

Basically, they are already a place filled with people from a niche that you’re working in and all you have to do is to communicate with them and start promoting.

7. They increase your search engine ranking.

People use search engines not simply because they want to find something there but because they want to find the best, most valuable information without spending hours on their search. That’s why search engines pay so much attention to the ranking.

They consider the content that has a lot of shares even more valuable. So when your content is shared on Facebook, Twitter, and other important social media, it gets higher rank which would definitely benefit any blogger.

8. They allow communicating with the leaders of the industry.

One of the best and quickest ways to become more visible, boost your reputation, and drive more traffic to your blog is to get your content shared by one of the leaders of the industry. Social media make it much easier: sometimes one of these leaders might share your content simply because they stumbled upon it somewhere.

In most cases, however, it requires a bit more efforts from you. You have to communicate with the leaders you have to make sure that your comments sound useful and interesting to them, and so on. Still, these days it’s much simpler than before. You don’t have to call to the office of that person, hoping that they’ll be able to talk to you, or write them an email, wondering if you even get something more than just a standard response.

These days you can simply mention the person that interests you on Twitter or Facebook and see if they answer your question or reply to you, for example. This is also a good way to include someone else’s opinion in your blog post, making it even more valuable to the audience.

As you see, social media can aid your blog promotion in so many ways. Of course, most of these ways do require some efforts from you before you get the desired result – but it is totally worthy.

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