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8 Important Questions To Ask When Analyzing SEO And SMM Strategies

Google processes thousands of searches every second. People are always looking for answers. The good news is, you can offer them; The bad news is – so can others.

In order to stand out or at least appear before others with similar content, you need to have your content optimized for search engines.

Here are some questions you need to ask when looking at your SEO and SMM strategies:

Do I just need SEO or do I need more?

What this means basically is that you need to figure out what you need in order for your site to be successful.

For instance, if your bounce rates are high, you might need a complete redesign of your website. In some cases, you just need better SEO.

Dive deep into your data to find the answer.

How are SMM and SEO improving my ranking?

This second question is supposed to further clarify your current status. Take a look at what is being done in terms of SEO currently. For instance, you are using keywords and building links, which is great!

Now, assess how well you are doing in those fields. See if you can do something better.

You can also assess how you could do better with social media shares which are really important in SEO. For example, come up with a strategy to gain more followers and so on.

Social helps boost your ranking as the activity and sharing on social platforms helps increase your company’s visibility, and hopefully, links to your website.

How can I track my progress?

You should have a complete understanding of your progress over time. Request frequent reports on your success and how it impacts your bottom line.

For example, list of your backlinks, target keywords and their rank, audit of content, traffic report and ideas for improvement as well as the number of shares, likes and engagement as well as click through rates and so on.

How can I measure my success?

Your success with SEO will be quite easy to measure by measuring your organic traffic, keyword ranking, and traffic coming from other sources etc.
You need to find the best way to measure your success based on your goals.

On social media, you can measure your success by using the existing metrics but also the number of people engaging and reaching out to you.

How long until I see some real results?

If you expect to see results fast – you’ll be in for a big surprise. SEO is a marathon, not a sprint and you should treat it as such. Be dedicated and consistent with your SEO efforts in order to get some real results.

Websites that have never been optimized before see some real results after three to six months of consistent good work. It might take longer than that and you need to be realistic but also optimistic of a positive outcome.

What do I need in order to optimize my SEO?

You need to understand what it takes to optimize your pages, track progress and measure results.

Gordon Selter, a SEO blogger at Writemyx and 1Day2write says,

Some people need nothing more than Google Analytics but some take on a consultant as well in order to do the best they can. Google Analytics is a comprehensive tool and it will provide you with all the information you need in order to have a better SEO.

For tracking your success on social media, you can probably use built-in analytics that can show you how successful you were.

How do I improve my local SEO?

Local SEO is especially important to small businesses that operate mostly offline. You need to assess your situation and figure out whether you need your local SEO improved.

Next, you can start figuring out how to improve it. Most of the time, it will involve adding more contact information of your business, listing your business on Google and optimizing for voice searches and local keywords.

You can also use social media for this – for instance, hosting a contest where people who leave a review on Google ratings or post images of your business on Google maps get a chance to earn rewards.

Google explains how social media signals influence Google Ranking Algorithms in the following video:

Who do I need on my team?

In order to improve your SEO, you’ll need a team. There are a lot of people involved in creating a well-optimized site – a developer, a content writer, a copywriter, a marketing manager and so on.

Stephanie Guber, SMM Manager from OriginWritings says,

If you really want your SEO to work, gather all of the experts working on your site and give them instruction on what you want to achieve. You might want to hire or assign a SEO manager to oversee all operations.

SEO is important for any business that wants to achieve their goals whether it’s getting more conversions, more followers or more leads.

Find the best way to improve your own SEO and SMM strategies by answering these questions.

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