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8 Creative Projects On Behance That Will Inspire You

As a creative, whenever you feel that your ideas have begun to stagnate, the perfect pick-me-up is a glimpse at the great work others have already done. After all, the creative process doesn’t fabricate ideas from nowhere.

It draws from inspiration, analyzes the ideas and methods, and recombines the old parts to forge something entirely new.

But research isn’t just about finding themes to adapt. It’s also about getting some much-needed reassurance that the struggle of invention has productive consequences. If you can simply keep trying, you’ll eventually find something that works.

And when you’re looking for creative design inspiration, Behance is a goldmine. Owned by Adobe, it’s a community-driven showcase for outstanding design work, and in this piece we’re going to look at creative projects on Behance.

1. Northern Wisps

Image credit: Bartosz Domiczek

You wouldn’t know it upon first glance (or possible even second or third glance), but this project for Ronen Bekerman’s Cabins 3d Challenge is fully computer-generated.

Everything from the fine detail to the gorgeous lighting has been handled impeccably, creating stunning and hyper-realistic architectural placements that feel astonishingly inviting (3D illustration is in for a reason, after all). The intention was to present an area worthy of Nordic gods, and I’d say that’s a suitable description for this vista.

2. Shopify Empty States

Image credit: Meg Robichaud, Holly Schofield, Ryan Coleman and Erin Moncrieff

Designed to accompany feature promotions and available actions for an ecommerce platform, these illustrations use soft, faded backgrounds and carefully dole out color to provide clear context without overshadowing the text (something quite tricky to achieve).

The persistent inclusion of a helpful turtle is just icing on the cake, assuming you’re a fan of turtles — but what reasonable person isn’t?

3. Response

Image credit: Tiber Ergür, Muhammet Altun, and Hasan Salih Akan

My interpretation of the description of this project is that the creators wanted to capture the existential despair of watching the rise of automation and the early stages of AI development.

Lifeless drones pulse with eerily-natural movement before a dark void, compelled to dance like puppets on strings, and the viewer is left to ruminate on the cyclical nature of the self-destruction inherent to our creation of technology that will eventually replace us.

4. Kingdom Junk

Image credit: Rustam Isaev

Reminiscent of artwork from games such as Borderlands, this digital art project from Rustam Isaev exudes character and shows a real passion for the cartoon and gaming worlds. The attention to detail in the weathered textures and and textual elements gives the depicted world a rich sense of life.

If it were real game concept art, I’d certainly be interested to know more about the story — sadly, there seems to be no such project in development.

5. Soda Makeup

Image credit: Marta Veludo

The creamy pastel colors, casual curves and pearlescent shimmers of this branding project for the Russian cosmetic retailer L’Etoile are perfect for the experimental and experiential nature of makeup use.

The fonts and iconography provide a strong handmade feel, and the included stickers allow the user to further customize their makeup tools, bringing a strong sense of playfulness and ownership to the activity.

6. Paper Landscapes

Image credit: Isoì Creative Lab and Gaia Bernasconi

What’s so fantastic about this art project for Tod’s SS18 collection is that we don’t just get to see the finished products — we also get a glimpse at the charmingly-practical construction process.

While it could have been achieved 100% digitally, everything was fully handcrafted from varying paper, and the level of authenticity shines through in the designs and the natural sense of depth. Plus there’s a parrot, which is a compelling selling point in isolation.

7. You Bring The Colour

Image credit: Charis Tsevis

Created for the Ascot racecourse, this set of poster illustrations is eye-poppingly kaleidoscopic, featuring a neon world that appears to be shattering from the relentless pace of the race.

Horse racing coverage tends to stick to action shots of races bolstered by stock imagery, and sometimes that’s all you need — but not when your slogan is “You Bring The Colour”. Easily accomplishing this goal, artist Charis Tsevis’s electric vibrance boldly captures the single-minded focus of the pursuit.

8. Sports Illustrations

Image credit: Charlie Davis

Pay particular attention to the physical warping of the characters in these 2018 sports illustrations. Note the rugby players depicted as colossal slabs, and the unnatural elongation of the tennis player’s limbs — taking reality and distorting it to better reflect the subjective perception of the viewer.

It’s a great reminder that realism isn’t the only approach to sporting imagery, and the emotional impact of sport is best represented creatively.

These 8 creative projects just happened to stand out to me on Behance, but this is such a small sliver of what can be found there. Simply go do some browsing until something catches your eye and gets your mind racing about your next project. Enjoy!

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