7 Ways Your Agency Can Build Credibility & Trust in 2021

2020 was a year of uncertainty, and little looks likely to change in 2021.
In such unusual and challenging times, businesses are tightening their purse strings in order to weather the storm.

So, how can you convince potential clients to invest their trust – and cash – in your agency’s services?

The answer is simple. Amidst all of the unpredictability, you have to show your business to be a source of credibility and trust, which starts with investing time in self-promotion. 

If you’re looking for practical ways to build credibility in the eyes of potential clients and drive them towards your agency, then start with these seven tips.

What are your potential clients looking for?

Let’s be honest, enlisting the help of an agency can be a gamble for most businesses – particularly if large sums of money are involved.

So, when searching for a new agency to hire, all prospective clients really want to know is whether or not you can do the job they’re asking for, to a high standard.


Of course, they want to be able to understand exactly what your agency does, and how you can provide value to their business, too. But, in such a crowded space, if you can set yourself apart from the competition and show potential clients that they can trust your agency to do the job well, you’re halfway there!

7 ways you can boost your agency’s credibility

Filling up your client roster by attracting new clients means you have to put your agency’s best foot forward.

In practical terms, that means showing yourself to be trustworthy using these steps:

1. Make sure your website is up to scratch

84% of today’s consumers think a website makes a business more credible.
The reality is, an agency’s website is its shop front – it provides key insights into exactly who your agency is and what services you’re offering.

So, it’s vital that your website makes a good first impression by being up to date and having a professional look and feel.

There are certain pages on your agency’s website which need to be more robust than others. This is because potential clients are more likely to head straight to them in order to verify your credentials and get a clearer picture of what your agency does. These pages include:

The ‘About us’/’Meet the team’ page

A great ‘meet the team’ page helps to build a connection with potential clients by putting faces to names and personalities to packaged services.

Everyone knows that an agency is nothing without the people who run it, so proudly show off the faces behind the brilliant work you do. Bonus points if you can do it in a creative way!


Source: Bleech

CE Banner (840x104) 3

The case studies/customer stories page

Clients want to be sure of the calibre of your services before they hire you. In other words, they need proof that your agency is as great as you say you are. 

That’s where case studies and customer stories from current clients come in – they’re a sure-fire way to instil trust and build credibility.

There’s a reason that 87% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses in 2020 – prospects want proof that your agency will do a good job, before investing their money in your services.

To ensure potential clients of your prowess, make your case studies page a who’s who of your biggest and best clients, and include images and quotes to validate your working relationship.

Don’t be afraid to go into the specifics of your projects, too – the more detail and insight you can give prospects, the easier their decision will be.  

Source: Flightpath

The Pricing/Packages page

Knowing how much to charge your clients is one thing, but presenting your agency’s pricing in a clear and digestible way is another entirely. 

To build credibility, make sure that you show immediate value to potential clients as soon as they enter your pricing page. That means providing an honest and concise overview of all of your agency’s most important and sought-after services. A services matrix could be a convenient way to get this information across.

Alternatively, you may choose not to make your pricing public. If this is the case, you could opt for a contact form instead.

2. Have an active social media presence

Maintaining a strong and active social media presence helps businesses to build a community around their brand, boosting trust.

Research has shown that 54% of consumers use social media to research products before committing to making a purchase. So, if potential clients are on the lookout for a new agency, the likelihood is that they’ll turn to social whilst on their search.

Posting fun content from around the office and celebrating the work that your agency has been doing keeps your clients and prospects in the loop about your agency’s day-to-day activities. It also familiarises potential prospects with your business, as well as the personalities behind the work that’s being done.

Source: Search + Gather

To ensure you’re able to build credibility with your agency’s social media presence, remember to:

  • Choose relevant social media sites to post on
  • Share helpful content that shows prospects that you understand their pain points
  • Use your social media presence to communicate your agency’s values
  • Be honest and transparent with your followers 
  • Consistently engage with prospects

If you run a social media marketing agency, this is your time to shine! 

3. Get officially certified in as many areas as you can

Knowledge is power.

The more expertise your team has, the better the work you do for your clients will be, and the more credible your agency will become.

There are plenty of recognisable marketing certifications that you or your team can obtain, completely for free. These courses cover key areas such as social media advertising and marketing and are designed to help anyone upskill.

Some of the most popular marketing certifications include:


4. Source customer testimonials & showcase your work

Social proof is an important part of the buyer’s journey these days. In fact, consumers read an average of 10 online reviews before feeling able to trust a local business.

If your aim is to show potential clients why they need your agency’s help, then testimonials are your secret weapon. Why? Because they turn your best clients into your biggest advocates. They can also be used in a multitude of formats to help build your agency’s credibility.

As we mentioned before, website testimonials are one way to gain trust and show off what your agency has achieved, but they can also be repurposed as part of your wider agency communications.

For example, testimonials make fantastic social media posts, and can also be included in email signatures and proposals you send to clients.

Showcasing your work on your website is also a fantastic way to show prospects exactly how you do things, and provides evidence that your agency can deliver on its promises.

Remember to only include only your best, most up to date work, and make a point of backing up your achievements with solid data and results.

Source: The Good Marketer Agency

5. Invest in an agency directory listing

Reviews from happy clients are extremely important for building agency credibility, but sometimes you need to explore where clients go to compare agencies with one another. This is where a trustworthy agency directory might come in handy!

Going through a digital agency directory can be beneficial for both clients and agencies, saving time and limiting the legwork that both parties have to do to find each other.

If you didn’t know, Digital Agency Network is an all-in-one platform to discover the best digital marketing agencies in the world! Join DAN and get listed among the industry leaders in the world of digital marketing.


6. Pick your marketing toolkit wisely

You’ll need the right toolkit to successfully serve your clients (as well as your own agency brand).

Pick the tools that are effective and do the job, but also offer some perks – potentially an affiliate program for referring new customers or with special agency pricing to best cater your business model.

Some SaaS products have unique offerings and agency partnership programs that can also help you increase your credibility. For example, social media management tool provider Sendible offers a co-branded solution, which means you can brand their tool under your own brand.

co branded solution for agency credibility

Finding the right tools for your business is often a case of trial and error, but when you do find the ones that help you to streamline the services you offer to clients, your agency credibility will get a boost

7. Get “out there” and share your expertise for free

There are few things that can beat having a real conversation with another person – especially when you have the knowledge to help them with a problem they’re facing.

So, if you’re an agency owner in a position of knowledge or power, why not consider sharing what you know with professionals who could benefit? You could start by joining Facebook Groups of like-minded professionals and offering your services for free by answering their questions. 

improve agency credibility facebook groups

Guest blogging and taking part in webinars or podcasts are also legitimate ways to spread the word about your agency and gain trust by displaying expertise.

Wrapping up

Credibility can be built by agencies in many different ways. 

Whether it’s by utilising social media to create a community around your brand, getting your clients to leave rave reviews, or joining a reputable agency network like DAN, the secret lies in using your agency’s niche to set yourself apart from the competition.

Ultimately your agency is best equipped to decide which solution will suit your verticals and offer the most benefits, so it’s time to start experimenting!

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