7 Uptime Monitoring Services You Should Know About In 2020

Setting up your own website is not enough for running a business online. You should be able to maintain it and make sure it works the way it’s supposed to.

In the age when everything is getting faster, slow websites – or the ones that are unavailable often due to downtime – are doomed.

Any extra second of waiting makes your potential customer more unlikely to be patient enough to see the content of your page. And it is you who are to monitor its performance.

How can it be done? Of course, you can check it manually every now and then, but it’s not an effective way of doing it – to say nothing of the fact that most people have better things to do than clicking F5 all the time.

Luckily, there are plenty of online tools designed to monitor website uptime to help you. Here is a list of the most popular options that you should know about in 2020.


HRANK is quite a unique project. It is for those who are still choosing a hosting provider and want to find out which one is best.

In most cases, you have to rely on reviews, but this source of information is not always reliable: there are fake ones, both positive and negative, so the real performance of a hosting provider remains elusive. HRANK aims to solve this problem.

It shows how providers have been doing recently, i.e. what their uptime, response times and population have been in the past three months or so.


This approach is more objective: even if a company had some problems in the past, it may have become better and now offer services of great quality. It is a great means of learning more about providers’ actual performance, and monitoring uptime (for each of the servers employed by every company!) is one of its best features.

2. Uptime Robot

This one, as well as the options below, is for websites that have already been rolled out and require maintenance. Using Uptime Robot, you can enjoy free monitoring of 50 websites. Each of them will be checked every 5 minutes – free of charge.


Another advantage is that you can monitor individual ports, like IMAP, SMTP, FTP or a custom one, and receive notifications when something goes wrong.

3. Pingdom

One of the most popular services for monitoring uptime, Pingdom enables you to monitor one website free of charge. You will get notified via SMS should your pages go down.


The service can also identify the cause of the downtime and help you prevent cases like this.

4. Uptrends

This one sends notifications to website owners via e-mail. There is a gorgeous dashboard containing such information as the types of errors, availability, and other metrics.

You can export this data and customize the dashboard to adjust it to your needs. What is more, you can start using it for free.

5. Uptime

A tool with a name any company working in the field would want simply cannot be unworthy of attention. Uptime offers a wide range of features and is capable of reporting response time from over thirty locations.


There are plenty of notification options to choose from, including SMS, e-mail, Twitter, push notification, etc. Essential security checks are another reason to opt for Uptime.

6. Status Cake

Status Cake enables you to check website status every five minutes without paying for it. Even if there is a password restricting access to the website, you can still use the service – only basic authentication is required.


7. Free Site Status

If all you need is monitoring the performance of your personal website, then Free Site Status is what can help you save on it.


Free notifications and checks from various locations, as well as neat graphs showing analysis details, are what makes this option a great tool for individuals.

As seen from the list above, there are quite a lot of tools for monitoring, and most of them provide free services that are enough to keep your website running and make sure it is always accessible.

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