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7 Tips For Building A Content Funnel That Converts

With more and more companies investing in content marketing as a way to build up their online reputation and nurture leads through the funnel, it is only natural that more emphasis is being placed on seeing a direct return from these efforts.

While producing and promoting amazing content is great, leveraging your resources to drive users through the buyer’s journey is even better. Here are 7 essential tips for creating a content funnel that converts and drives major ROI:

Know Your Audience Persona

When launching a new campaign nothing is more important than having a clear picture of your audience. One mistake many marketers make is failing to segment their target audience into hyper-relevant personas that get to the heart of their pain points and key motivators. With only one or two broad personas in mind a lot gets left on the table. The right campaigns dive deep into each segment of their audience so they can properly cater each element of their funnel to that unique individual.

Craft Content Around Each Specific Persona

While I wouldn’t suggest crafting 25 content funnels all at once (that would be exhausting!) it’s important to keep your core messaging, offers and overall promotion strategy tied to each persona. Start with the segment that you feel presents the most opportunity and craft every single piece of content around them and how your product or service addresses their needs.

Make Your Offer Overwhelming

When it comes to optimizing your sales funnel for conversion a weak offer can ruin the relationship you’ve built with the prospect. It’s not always about making the biggest offer but instead making the right offer that connects with your audience’s pain points and offers them an actionable solution.

Produce Amazing Content

Aside from offering up a relevant, value-packed offer, it’s imperative that you bring value to your audience with the first touch. Without truly great content this is impossible to do and can completely derail the success of your funnel. If you’re not contributing anything new to the conversation chances are your audience is taking notice.


Test, Test and Test Some More

Even the strongest funnels can benefit from additional optimizations and testing. Everything from your offer down to each CTA button should be examined from a critical perspective to see if you can move the needle on conversions. Of course, isolating variables and picking strategic tests as well as collecting a large amount of data is all part of optimizing your funnel correctly.

Never Underestimate the Power of Email

When it comes to driving conversions it’s important to remember that you cannot expect your audience to simply download a whitepaper or eBook and become a customer. Setting up and optimizing your email funnel is essential to the success of any content funnel. Many marketers fail to put the necessary strategy into their email campaigns and find them falling flat when in fact email campaigns often have extremely high conversion rates compared to other channels when deployed correctly.

Live in Analytics

If you’re not living in analytics as a marketer you’re missing the mark. Aside from looking at softer metrics such as bounce rate and time on site don’t be afraid to look at your campaigns from a conversion standpoint.

At Power Digital we recognize that though e-books resonate with a broader audience, we’d rather offer more actionable templates to be a powerful way to show immediate value to your specific prospect.

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