7 Reasons Your Content Isn’t Connecting With Millennials

In a decade, millennials may have the power to rule the world. But still, there are bunch of companies trying hard to get them. These statistics and information may help to understand and analyze them.

As previous generations have some seriously visible things in common, so do the millennials have today. Millennials are described as people who were born between the early 1980s and 2000. That means anyone
from the age of 15 – 30+, and that is a lot of people.

This means tomorrow’s leaders may be today’s 18-25 year-olds. So, creating contents according to them may not be bad idea. Here are some interesting facts about millennials that you want to know.

But, how do you reach them?

Millennials are the internet seekers all around the World. Free wi-fi or else, they need to be online and get connected to everywhere. Advertising means “digital” to them and they are mostly mobile-surfers, which means mobile-friendly content is everything to them.

Teach them some “real information” in your content, in order to catch them. Millenials don’t like information that says a lot, hard to read and too long. They find it “rubbish”.

Plus, they read content only if they find something from themselves. They are attracted to the content that stirs something similar to them. The thing is, the more personal the better. (Think about your brand’s subjective activities, are they enough?)

To sum up, if your creativity mashes up with your authenticity, you win. Otherwise, millennials seek other brands to find what they need, as their time is too valuable.

Here is the infographic for statistics, facts and figures from NewsCred that will help your brand connect with millennials.


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