7 Best Digital Marketing Skills For SEO Managers

The SEO manager role exists in the grey area between content marketing and the technical side of running a website. SEO managers are typically marketers who can optimize the technical side of a website for Google and other search engines. If the SEO manager possesses viral, mobile, social media and other digital marketing skills, the better.

In other words, SEO management is a cocktail of different skills; all of which must come together to drive relevant organic traffic, hence sales.

If you’re looking to grow your SEO career and/or achieve the revered post of SEO manager, we offer you a couple of tips on how to win without breaking a sweat.

Without further ado, let’s get down to business.

SEO is an ever-changing landscape, and the steadfast SEO manager must adapt to thrive. The tips in the following section come in handy whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player.

Read on to learn how you can reap the best results as an SEO manager.


A Clear Understanding of SEO Best Practices

As an SEO manager, having a good grasp of the latest SEO best practices is an absolute must. It’s crucial to understand what works and what Google permits in, say, the official Google SEO Starter Guide.

Keep in mind what worked in the past can land you in trouble today, so it’s best to stay ahead of the curve at all times. Learn as much as you can about SEO best practices of the modern-day world, and practical applications proving the theory does actually work.

Beware, building an SEO campaign on black hat SEO trickery lands you in hot soup all the time. It’s not worth your time and hard-earned money. No matter how tempting, avoid it like the plague in favor of white hat SEO tactics.

Additionally, an SEO manager worth their weight in salt must have a good command of both on-page and off-page SEO. Further, you should cover your technical SEO bases as well, so you can offer an all-rounded perspective to lead successful SEO campaigns.

Data Analytics

Data is the new oil, they say, and I tend to agree 100%. There are documented case studies of companies taking advantage of insights to triple revenues like clockwork. And we are yet to talk about how you can use big data to feed your SEO machinery, and do exploits.

In a world of data analysis tools, mining data is as easy as Abracadabra. But perhaps you don’t care about magic; you want to learn how you can make the best out of your insight reports. Here is where data analysis skills come in.

Favorite tools for many SEO managers include Google Analytics, Moz, and SEMRush among others. In your spare time, feel free to check out 25 Best Website Analytics Tools for 2019. But whichever tool you use, deriving solutions from complex data is an invaluable digital marketing skill to learn.

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Analysing data is a great skill to master. You can easily use insights to plan a future course of action that aligns without goals. Learn how to use data analytics tools to make deductions that drive your SEO campaigns forward.


Digital Marketing Skills

There is a reason many companies spend heavily on SEO marketing campaigns. In other words, no web property can thrive without traffic, and the more you drive, the better your prospects. There is a huge demand for SEO managers with other digital marketing skills.

Or as Maryville University puts it:

Digital advertising has transformed the world of marketing — and created immense career opportunities for trained professionals. Organizations now seek multifaceted marketers who can blend strategy with advanced technology. It’s a skill set that can qualify you for 19,700 new careers in advertising, promotions, and marketing management from 2014 to 2024, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Are you familiar with paid social media marketing? Can you hack viral marketing? Does the phrase visual marketing mean anything to you? Strive to become an SEO manager who leverages other digital marketing skills to drive more traffic.

In other words, can you mix SEO and new digital marketing channels to improve your results? If that’s a yes, clap for yourself; you’re doing well. Otherwise, brush up on your digital marketing skills and welcome to the new age.

Content Marketing

No matter what, content is and always will be the foundation of any SEO campaign. Without content, you’re like a Humvee without fuel, trapped in the middle of the desert. Content is the lifeblood of any website.

As such, it goes without saying that a great SEO manager needs content marketing skills to stand out from the crowd. Content marketing is all about creating long-term value from content that generates better SEO results and conversion rates.

Moreover, content marketing allows you to create a keyword profile, and create targeted offers relevant to your audience. On top of that, it offers you the chance to create authority, and generate buzz.

You don’t have to be a stellar writer to hack content marketing. Provided you research your target audience effectively, you can drive the point home with little effort. If you must, feel free to hire an SEO content marketer.

Strategic Planning

Strategy is the name of the game, and employers actively seek SEO managers who can align SEO campaigns to business goals. Optimizing websites to shine in search engines is one thing, but generating traffic that doesn’t align to business goals is a no-go zone.

An SEO manager needs strategic vision to create SEO campaigns that generate traffic that drives the business forward. For instance, driving people looking for “free movie torrent downloads” to a product page about dog clothes is pointless.

As an SEO manager, it’s your responsibility to study the business, competition, and trends. The info you gain helps you to develop a clear vision on how to achieve the best results with your SEO campaigns.

Incorporate strategic planning by taking advantage of data, and chart plans that lead to tangible results. The ability to strategize and align available resources with business goals will help you to save your job over and over.

People Skills

Isolation is not alien to many SEO managers. A good chunk of SEO managers work alone as independent contractors or the only expert within the company. However, other SEO managers run teams or plan to manage teams in the future.

Whether you work alone or manage a team of creatives, soft skills go a long way in helping you to create a great SEO career. For starters, nobody wants to work with a rude know-it-all SEO manager.

Secondly, no creative enjoys working with an SEO manager who barks orders from a high horse. If you run a team, you must be ready to motivate members to carry out your strategic SEO plan.

You should be comfortable with the idea of letting others execute tasks without your supervision, more so if you’ve been a lone wolf all along. At the end of the day, along with digital marketing skills, mastering people skills also helps you to grow in your managerial role day after day.

Drive & Flexibility

Search engine optimization is a long term endeavor. The SEO managers who thrive have thick skin and the inherent ability to adapt to changes quickly. You must easily let your clients know when algorithm changes mean their SEO ranking dropped, and old tactics no longer work.

Other than that, you must have the drive to soldier on in the midst of SEO challenges. More importantly, you must yearn to keep learning given that SEO is a fast-paced field. Whether it’s a new SEO technique, ranking factor, platform and so on, you have to keep learning.

Don’t shy away from the idea of running personal side projects that help you to internalize specialized SEO skills. If you had no idea, employers pine for SEO managers who can demonstrate their expertise.

If you can create a tool to solve a particular SEO problem, employers love that. Who knows? As a freelancer, perhaps you can offer the tool to other SEO professionals at a fee, which can only mean good things for your SEO career.

Becoming a great SEO manager everybody loves, you have to put the client’s goals first at all times. Study the business to put a finger on their target audience and relevant keywords that drive results.

Therefore, an SEO manager needs to develop a slew of varying technical and soft skills to thrive in one of the most competitive SEO careers. Oh, and please never forget that content is still the king.

What are your views? Do you have suggestions for the next SEO manager? Please share in the comments.

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