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6S Marketing Pens Post On Google’s Recent Advertising Changes

The digital marketing agency 6S Marketing says that this is the biggest change in Google advertising in 10 years.

In one of the most significant developments in search advertising in the past ten years, Google has made a big update to eliminate the sponsored listings on the right, and increase the number of ads on top of organic results to four.

This major update to four ads on top is undoubtedly going to affect a lot of businesses (and end users). The advertisers who have been sitting on the 4-10th ad spots will see the biggest change.

Ads previously in the 4th position (on the right hand side) are now at the top of organic results. However, those in the 5-10th positions will either be banished to the bottom or not seen at all.


Now that there are only 4 spots up top, the competition will become much more fierce.

There will be a stronger push on improving quality scores (QS) — a score that Google determines based on your relevancy and partly dictates how much you’ll pay per click — and more emphasis on continuous optimization.

6S Marketing published the blog post ‘Google Kills Off Right Hand Side Ads: What You Need to Know’ that details all of the changes and what businesses can do to make sure that their Google advertising strategies are updated.

Give it a read and tell us what you think!

About 6S Marketing

6S Marketing is a global marketing agency with physical offices in New York, Toronto and Vancouver and service clients in-between, and beyond.

6S Marketing transforms businesses for the digital age. They help clients embrace the digital world and the technological change that is revolutionizing their businesses.

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