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67 Insane Facts About Bitcoin In 2018

Do you want to know something interesting about bitcoins? Only 21 million will ever be issued. Once that number is reached, that’s it – no new bitcoins will be created.

How close are we to that number?

As of January of 2018, Bitcoinplay reported that the total was sitting at 16.7 million.

This partly explains the big rush to buy the cryptocurrency. Unlike many others out there, Bitcoin is considered a finite resource. And it has captured the imagination of investors.

2017 saw it rise to record highs and levels that, just two years ago, no one would have predicted. But the value of cryptocurrencies is, by its nature, very volatile and, as we saw, can drop as quickly as it rises.

What do analysts see happening in future?

Some see the value rising as high as $100,000 per Bitcoin, but it really depends who you speak to. There are also those who believe the currency will collapse completely.

What should be remembered, though, is that Bitcoin is more than just a commodity to be traded. Your bitcoins are not useless – you can use them online to pay for things, and if you like a flutter, for Bitcoin gambling.

And let’s not forget that the tech that underpins the currency has caused major waves in financial circles as well. Bitcoin has shown the world that instant transfers can be made securely and without the need for an intermediary.

Want to learn even more? The infographic below contains all the information you need to become a Bitcoin expert – in small manageable bites.


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