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6 Virtual Conferences & Webinars That Digital Marketing Professionals Should Not Miss

Digital marketing is an interesting industry that has created many successful ventures. Unlike being a doctor or a paleontologist, you don’t necessarily need a fancy degree to start putting your digital marketing skills to work. You should have the skills and the right experience to test the waters.

The best part about this field is that it is completely free to launch a career by learning from the various sources available on the internet. Learn for free and polish your skills in various segments of digital marketing.

Many people find it boring to go through a long academic document, and prefer attending short courses or watching a video. It is easier to absorb the information in bite-sized video bits, sitting in the comfort of your home. Webinars and virtual conferences offer the exact comfort with unmatched levels of information for the budding marketers out there.

If you are a digital marketer, who needs to learn about refining the digital marketing strategy or creating a content calendar, simply visit the resources listed below and get started. But first, let’s talk about virtual conferences and webinars, and how they work:

1. Webinars and virtual conferences:

In layman terms, the webinar is a session that is streamed live on the internet. It is a seminar based on the web.

Imagine a Facebook live, but without the constant reaction emojis flying around the screen. Webinars are hosted by top professionals in every field, sitting together to talk about their knowledge and experiences.

How to sign up:

Most webinars will ask you for your full name and email address to sign you up for a session. There are free as well as paid webinars, depending upon the nature of the topic and panelists included.

You will receive an email once you have signed up and an email notification when the webinar is about to go live.

Don’t think of it as one-way communication. Marketing webinars teach you a lot, and you can directly ask questions to the host. There are many ways to do that, either by using a twitter # or by using a live chat button.

If you are beginning a career in digital marketing or generally seeking help in some domain, these sources are currently doing some of the best work on digital marketing out there:

2. SEMrush:

This is a top SEO and search engine marketing tool that is used by top digital marketers around the world. Their software is top quality, solving problems of small and large businesses every day. Their team of cool professionals are always there to help you out with your questions. If the information is coming from SEMrush, you better trust it with your own strategy.

SEMrush offers many free webinars and holds regular virtual conferences for professionals. You can go straight from a beginner to a marketing ninja by learning from the best. Many seasoned digital marketers never miss these webinars, because in this field you must hold on to updates like your life depends on it!


Here are the most important topics covered by SEMrush on a regular basis:

• Content strategy
• Email marketing strategy
• Facebooks Ads
• Influencer marketing
• Search engine optimization (SEO)

Although you can miss a virtual conference, you won’t ever miss a webinar because they are all recorded. Just go to the past archives of SEMrush and find a treasure of information.

3. Search Engine Journal:

SEO is an important part of digital marketing, and Search Engine Journal holds the value of a thought leader in this community.

You can’t consider yourself a complete digital ninja without doing an SEO course. You will find the industry’s top news and the hottest trends on the SEJ blog. Apart from the informative blog, these guys hold webinars and invite the best in business to touch upon different aspects of SEO.


You will find them talking about many topics like

• Building backlinks
• Getting traffic
• Making conversions
• Gaining authority
• Building on-page SEO

If you want to become a pro at SEO, be sure to check the recorded webinars or hop on to a live session on the website.

4. Unbounce:

You can use the Unbounce tool to create high-quality landing pages for your client’s website. The best thing is that you won’t even have to learn code! The other great thing about Unbounce as a company is that they hold lots of webinars and virtual conferences for their follower base.

If you want to become an expert at Conversion Rate Optimization or spike the conversion rate of a site, learn from the pros at the webinars on Unbounce. Other topics include:

• Email marketing and newsletter
• Click-throughs
• Growth hacking
• Social media marketing
• Pay per clicks PPC
• Copywriting
• Landing pages optimization

5. Adweek:

Adweek is not your ordinary advertising blog. They help professionals learn by example, and they cover pretty much all about marketing. Their webinar topics include:

• Content strategy
• Email marketing
• B2B Marketing
• Advertising success stories


Whether you want to know about one skill or want to become a master of all traits, these webinars will pave the way for you. One webinar is enough to teach you a dozen things. You can also head over to their blog where the frequently post case studies that can be followed up with an online webinar to ask questions.

6. Marketo:

Marketo is a leading software platform in the industry. Their knowledge and skills are considered an example for everyone in this business. Once you search their website, you will learn from their testimonials that they are doing a great job in shaping the marketing era of today.

Their webinars cover these topics:

• Marketing
• Automation in marketing through software
• Customer support
• Customer engagement

The webinar section has well over a hundred topics that you can learn for free! Imagine devouring all this information and becoming a marketing expert!

As a digital marketing professional, your eyes and ears must be open to news and trends circulating the industry. Webinars are an easy source of getting all the news in the least time.

Before you sign out of this article, you must do one thing:

Visit one of these webinar sources and learn a new skill. Your future self will thank you!

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