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6 Simple Ways To Choose The Best Blog Topics For Your Audience

It may come as a surprise but coming up with a topic that will be interesting to your readers and raise interest in your other blog posts is a task that requires a lot of effort and thinking.

This process can be even more difficult to complete successfully during the start of your blogging career. Practice makes perfect, don’t you agree?

So if we look at the entire process as a task, there have to be some tools that will make the whole process much easier.

That’s why we decided to share with you six pieces of advice that will help you select the best blog topics for your blog audience.

1. Know your audience

This is the first condition of blogging, you just have to be acquainted with the people who visit your blog and show interest in what you have to say. Since engagement is an important aspect of every blog success story, you have to be able to touch your audience through the words you deliver to them.

Read the comments that your readers post after each topic that you publish so that you can perform a careful analysis that will reveal what moves your readers. Another good way to learn what your audience cares about is to conduct a survey where you’ll ask them a series of questions that will allow you to know what your audience cares about, what are their habits, likes, dislikes, etc.

2. Watch for trending topics

Although the evergreen content is always a valuable commodity because it brings people to your blog regardless of the current trending topics, news, etc. Always explore what people are currently interested in, especially people that are a part of your audience.

You can simply Google what your target demographics are currently looking for and act fast to produce content that will encompass all the keywords that are hot with your audience at that particular moment.

Simply put, it’s never a bad thing to give people what they’re asking for. In case you don’t have the time to explore the new topic or simply don’t think you’re currently up to it, you can look for some professional essay writers and have some of them help you with your problem.


3. Snatch a topic

Even Picasso argued that stealing is a part of the creative process as any other. However, this doesn’t mean you should plagiarize someone else’s work, on the contrary.

We all have someone in our industry that we look up to. Someone whose ideas and arguments we value. In case you are running dry of ideas, it’s not a bad idea to check out what some more influencing bloggers, related to your niche, have on their minds.

You can craft a new topic or use their ideas to publish your own views and arguments. However, always keep in check that what you are writing is relevant to your audience. There’s no use in stealing even the best ideas if you offer them to a different type of army of readers.

4. Research keywords

To start off, keyword is a misnomer; the proper term should be a phrase. Search popular phrases on Google, off course, make sure they are related to your target audience. Yoast has some useful articles about keyword discovery process on their SEO blog. The team covers various topics from keyword research strategies to long tail keyword usage.

Continue to work around that phrase, figure out a way to tell a story that would bring your audience closer to that topic. In addition, try to come up with an even catchier phrase to boost your audience reach. In fact, keywords are one of the most powerful tools in the blogging industry just because they have so many potential to offer.

5. See what already works for you

Take a stroll down the memory lane and analyze your previous posts. See which types of topics were most attractive to your audience, which ones triggered the audience into engagement, what brought shares, and what topics have gotten you a new army of visitors to your blog.

Once you identify which of the topics worked best, go deeper into the subject and see if there’s anything else you could squeeze out of it that would bring additional value to your readers.

6. Define what you want to achieve

This piece of advice works best when combined with the first one on our list. The game is rather simple, ask yourself what you want to achieve with your blog post.

Is your goal to send a message that will spread through the online community like a wildfire?

Do you simply want to engage people in conversation and sharing so you could expand your reach further?

Based on your ultimate goal, define your topic and elaborate. This could be a little bit tricky, however, with a little practice; it will be no problem to come up with a topic that will get that emotional reaction you were looking for.

All these pieces of advice should help you cope with your creative block or a momentary lack of ideas, however, your blog topics should eventually come naturally to you.

It’s all a matter of practice, knowing your audience, and a touch of inspiration to be able to reach out to your audience and share your mind with theirs.

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