6 Best Approaches To Step Up Your Social Media Strategy

The time in which trying to publish NNN post a day or to reach NNN amount of fans is long gone—it’s time for quality. We thrive to create stories for brands for the right audience, at the right format and channel. Here are our 6 recommendations to revamp your social media strategy!

Leverage the latest format with high engagement rather than spending time on a less engaging and traditional format

Stories and Live streaming formats are preferred over normal post feeds by social media users nowadays.

In fact, around 1.7 billion Instagram accounts use the Stories format every day in 2019. Nearly 80% of the active users on Instagram posts stories at least 2-3 times a week.

Reports also shows that the Stories format are so popular among the Millennials and Gen-Z, that 1 out of 4 of them look for relevant Stories before purchasing products and services.

Live streaming is more than an interactive format. It has high exposure as the apps will notify followers about the current Live streaming. Meanwhile, it also saves brands’ time and cost as no post-production is required.

Enrich your social media storytelling on top of merely promoting product-centric content

The easiest way to fill up your social media marketing calendar is to share existing information about your brand or products. But we recommend spending less time on this, and more on diversifying your content.

For instance, testimonials from your clients and business partner can build up your credibility; sharing employee content also reflects the company culture; reposting KOL content about your brand helps to introduce product information in a creative way.

An example can be seen on Adobe’s Instagram account, where the company reposts its users content to showcase the capabilities of Adobe’s software.


Focus on quality by reaching fans that are potential clients, avoid getting carried away by the number of followers

We suggest focussing less on reaching quantitative objectives such as acquiring thousands of fans, without qualitative monitoring of your audience. To do so, utilize your ad budget wisely to target profiles that match with current customers, but not blindly aiming for a certain number of people.

You also need to define what “quality” is. Would you like to reach people that visited your website, or those who already purchased your products on your online store? Ideally, there should only be one objective e.g. Engagement, Traffic, Conversion, etc. per ad campaign.

Focus on retargeting the audience who already engaged with you organically

Are you prioritizing retargeting those who previously engaged with you overreaching new audience? Then you are doing it right, because around 70% of the audience are more likely to convert when they are retargeted.

On top of setting up Facebook Pixel in your website, remember to import your customer email database into Facebook, within applicable laws, or to connect your Business Manager with your e-commerce. In this way, you can easily create Custom Audience, and later on develop Lookalike Audience to target users that has similar characteristics to your existing clients.

Clearly monitor the media value of your social media campaigns by setting concrete KPIs

Instead of calculating awareness and number of likes as your KPIs, we suggest monitoring the cost per exposure, reach and impression of your social media campaigns. This brings you clear numerical figures that help determine the efficiency of your campaign.

It applies tangible value to every marketing decision and allows you to find out what format is working. Hence, reducing cost and increase the ROI of new campaigns

Include your social media activities in your sales performance analysis

Do you realize that your social media audience is actually considered as the company’s asset? Acknowledge that your social media activities are a type of investment, and among your followers, some of them might turn into Leads that at last become your Clients!

Hence, to truly know the company’s value and effectively evaluate the sales performance, don’t forget to count in your social media activities as well. You might eventually notice a positive relationship between your social media presence and company’s profit.

By paying attention to your format, content, audience, KPIs and performance analysis, you can improve your social media strategy in no time! Keep up with the latest marketing trends and contact us for more information on building your social media strategy!

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