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5 Vital SEO Tactics For 2016

Give your business a leg up with these five vital SEO tactics…

Search engines constantly evolve and so marketers always need to keep their SEO game on the high.

Although thinking about SEO doesn’t get most people heart-thumping and excited, it is an enormously important tool if you want your content to shine in the search engines.

According to Searchenginejournal.com about 70% of the links search users click are from SEO. Thus overlooking their importance can be a disastrous error.

Here are 5 SEO tips relevant in 2016 to add accessory to your content and take it to the top on search engines:

1. Make your header tags unique

Header tags are simply headings of your content that reveal the subject of your blog to Google, as well as, your readers.

The HTML format of the header tag is the following: <h1>This is my title</h1>

Header tags come in the form of <H1>, <H2>, and <H3>; they go all the way down to <H6>, determining the important of each header.

Here’s a breakdown of header tags and how to use them to optimize your content in search rankings:

  • <H1> One for each page, the content title and holds important for both rankings and user experience.
  • <H2> These comprise of sub-headings to give break in your content and divide it into chunks, adding structure and progression to content, as well as, letting Google know the main topics of your content.
  • <H3>, <H4> etc: Further sub-headings for lengthier posts. Your primary focus should lie in H1 & H2 tags, but these too can benefit your content by breaking up long paragraphs.

Using unique, interesting and easy-to-digest header tags always puts your content to an advantage in the search engines.

2. Detail your content

In the older days, you could get into the ranking in search engines with short content (<400 word count), add the right keywords and BAAM, get on Google. Now, however the search engine is prepping for lengthier more “meaty” content that provides detailed information and does a more comprehensive job in covering a topic.

Recent research by Searchmetrics showed that the top 10 high-ranking pages have an average word-count of about 1285 words. Thus, if you want your content to get Google’s attention, make sure to offer in-depth information on the topic at hand, providing thoughtful comments and unique insights.

While you shouldn’t “fluff up” a page to meet the word count, but do try to cover your topic at length and keep it informative.

3. Use words relevant to the topic

The past few years have given rise to a huge shift from keywords. While they still remain vital, Google now prefers that you use a variety of relevant words about the topic to earn the search engines trust.

Google has become increasingly sophisticated in its ability to make connections between words and to determine the context behind content. In order to attain high rankings, these “proof” or “relevant” words add a lot of value. Usually an article that’s well-versed and thorough will automatically use these words anyway.

For e.g in an article about Graphic Design, you will surely be using words such as design, website, internet etc.

Ubersuggest is a great tool to quickly derive these words and make sure you are using them in your content to add to your user experience and rankings.

4. Make your website mobile-friendly

Google announced last year that mobile-friendly websites are a huge factor in the search giant’s rankings. Also known as the Mobilegeddon by some, this factor is now crucial.

Sites that are mobile-unfriendly will find it very hard to dominate the rankings.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test, can help you determine where you site stands and if it is optimized for mobile.

You can also switch to responsive web design, to ease their user experience on Mobile. For sites such as WordPress, a free plugin such as Jetpack can convert your theme to responsive design.

5. Structure your content using interactive elements

Most sites on the wider web constantly battle for attention. There is so much out there that even the smallest of differences can make the biggest of impacts.

According to recent research, using interactive elements like bullet points, images, links and buttons can add so much value.

Most readers on mobile view your site “on-the-go” and thus, making it easy to browse and comprehend, will always put you at an advantage in user experience and have readers come back for more.

So all you need to do is to put more attention to the content you share, make it both unique and informative and package it in an easy and good-looking format, thus making it easier for your readers and you are good to go.

All these facts will not only win the heart of your readers but also Google, streamlining your website to the top on the giant search engine.

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