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5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Start Writing

The client wants content quickly, and you stumble upon a seemingly suitable topic to write about.

Halfway through the project, you hit a snag with the original idea or begin questioning where this is going. Instead of starting over from scratch, you tweak the content to guide it in a different direction and end up with a patchwork piece that kind of works.

If you’ve ever been in this situation before, it’s probably time to implement a solid strategy for executing your content strategy. Ask these five questions before you start writing to ensure content creation that is engaging, purposeful, and ultimately effective.

1. Is the topic relevant?

This question seems like a given, but let’s dive a little deeper. In order to give the topic a relevance stamp of approval, it must be relevant to:

• The brand. Is this something the brand would touch on?
• Specific goods or services. Does the company offer a specific good or service that serves as a solution?
• The audience. Does this matter to your target market?
• The time. Is this something your audience is searching for right now?
• The current climate. Does it make sense to write about this topic given what’s happening economically, socially, environmentally, or politically?

2. Do I have the resources?

This is especially important for technical or scientific pieces. Do you have enough credible sources to back up the facts? Has the client provided enough detail about the topic? Feel free to use your available resources to craft the structure of your work, and make sure all sections of the general outline can be fully written out.


3. What is the goal?

What’s the point of brilliant content if there is no return on investment? Other than to simply entertain, we have the opportunity to build brand awareness, engage with consumers, inform the audience, or drive conversions.

Always know the why before starting the what. Define the call to action to provide yourself with a destination point, and if that destination is another landing page, have the URL at the ready.

4. Is it intriguing?

One way to write interesting content is to write unique content. There are most likely thousands of published pieces about the topic you’re thinking of right now, so write about it differently.

Try focusing on an aspect of a general subject or finding a connection through research conclusions. Share useful, little-known information or the complexities of behind-the-scenes efforts. No matter how “boring” the industry, there are ways to spice things up.

5. Is my message delivery optimized?

Would your message be served most effectively in the form of an infographic, a list, an article divided into concise sections with subheads accompanied by descriptive one-liners or images? Formatting options are seemingly endless.

Perhaps you should consider conveying this particular message through an entirely different platform. The objective here is to get your point across in an easily digestible, user-friendly way. Organize your thoughts accordingly, then get to work.

Increase your efficiency and the value of your content by making sure you can confidently answer all questions before moving forward.

What are your thoughts, preparation tips, and strategies when it comes to content creation? Get in touch!

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