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5 Marketing Tips To Get More Mobile App Downloads

Apple’s App store might seem to be the dominating one when it comes to app downloads, but the stats say otherwise.

According to the research, Android store overpower App store by having 2.8 million available apps for download, while App store has 2.2 million apps ready for download.

This clearly means that the bar is raising high to put the apps out there, and there is a constant pressure on entrepreneurs and business owners to devise a strong mobile app marketing strategy.

To reach the maximum number of downloads, here are some sure-shot mobile app marketing tips to boost your mobile app downloads.

1. Start with Mobile App Store Optimization

What is the point of developing an app when it doesn’t reach the target audience? With the stiff competition out there in the app store, it is nearly impossible to get yourself ranked in the app store.

However, both Android store and App store rank apps based-upon certain factors like tags, app title, user rating, and many downloads. Nevertheless, unlike SEO app store optimization is not a one-size fit game.

The first & foremost factor is the title of your app. For instance, if you’ve developed a time checker train app, you must use ‘train time checker’ in the title.

To best optimize your app, you can use Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool to figure out the keywords that are relevant to your service/product which people are searching. When it comes to mobile app store optimization, it’s important to fill out all of the fields with relevant details when submitting your app to the app stores and pick your categories carefully.

2. Driving Authentic Reviews

Reviews share a huge percentage in the app store optimization (ASO). It is also the most effective way to convince people to generate more app downloads.

Studies show nearly 70% of online consumers look at a product review prior to making a purchase.

But it is also important to keep in mind that you need to find ways of generating natural reviews so that the spam filter in Google or Apple won’t get triggered. I recommend giving the user a giveaway for reviewing your product/service. In this manner, the user will be able to give a review without feeling misused or misguided.

3. Leverage the Power of Most Popular Networks

If you haven’t used Reddit for marketing, you are missing a huge opportunity to market your app for the ridiculously cheap rate.

For me, Reddit turned out to be awesome. I paid just $50 for around 600 clicks. Out of which I able to crack some leads. Isn’t this great?

Play around a little bit. See what you can get by trying different marketing strategies. Use various networks such as Quora and Reddit to grab customers who are really looking to solve their problem.

At times this might seem to be a useless effort. Posting stuff but not getting any result. But you do this more often, you will get the idea of what is working and what is not.

4. Pull Out Other People’s Audiences

If you’re not a fan of guest posting. I suggest you start it right now. If you do the guest post at the right places, it will generate more app downloads. Most of the mobile app development agencies leverage the power of guest posting.

The more people you’re able to reach, better will be your chances to enhance the traffic on your website and generate app downloads.

In my experience, it is best to leverage the power of known websites likes Mashable, The Next Web, Huffington Post etc to get your message across.

5. Retargeting

One of the most effective forms of marketing is retargeting. Your customers are well-established, and you just need to run the ads with a slight change.

This gives your customer the power of trust and you can capitalize that trust to re-sell your product every time you make a new one. Retargeting also helps new customers to get word of mouth from your old customers.

Making a mobile app is not that difficult. But getting downloads out of it is the real deal. In this competitive world, you need to apply strategies that can help you generate mobile app downloads.

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