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5 Interactive Content Marketing Campaigns Done Right – Including Hillary Clinton Campaign’s Microsite

Knorr, Adidas, AT&T, Heineken and Hillary Clinton Campaign are the real marketing successes in 2016 because of their interactive marketing content.

As social media and mobile platforms achieve their maximum usage, brands are increasingly following interactive campaign formats to make their contents catchy and valuable. Rather than traditional advertisements, these types of advertising must be tried and tested by the brands at least once.

To make these interactive campaigns successful use: 1. personalization, 2. sentimental connections, 3. current trends and 4. a sense of humor.

The brands below are using these smart strategies and reaching a high amount of people, and consequently the campaigns succeed:

1. “I Actually Like Hillary” Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

This is an interactive website made for the 2016 presidential election, which ends today. The website presents Hillary’s skeptics with a series of her biggest accomplishments, using reliable sources. It also allows users to see and learn about each fact in detail.


After reading each fact, users can click on buttons with names such as: “That doesn’t affect me personally, so who cares?” to get to the next fact. The aim of the site is to let users learn more facts in a short while.

2. “Go Places” by Heineken USA

This is a fun one. Of course we know Heineken for its clever and successful ad campaigns, the main goal is to make Heineken look like they’re providing a fun place to work. The Dutch beer company comes up with an interactive video.


To interest potential candidates in an internship, Heineken debuted the video like a job interview. As the candidates answer questions, they introduced to different parts of the culture. The results shows the candidate’s personality according to their answers. viewers rather be mediators, investigators, traditionalists or high-flyers.

3. “#MyNeoLabel” by Adidas

An interactive, yet artsy Snapchat competition, where the winner can become one of the future-designers of the brand. Adidas gave customers the chance to design their own sneakers using Snapchat.

Between the dates September 23rd to October 20th, users could use the social app’s messaging system to submit designs, to win a chance to display those products and a trip to the company’s Design Bootcamp at the Adidas headquarters in Germany.


The main idea of the campaign is, that Snapchat is a trending platform among consumers, and so Adidas wants to tap into this for maximum engagement and successful marketing.

4. “It Can Wait” by AT&T

A travelling VR experience also available online. The campaign by AT&T helps users to be aware of the dangers of distraction while driving, for instance texting is one of them. The website of the campaign asks the user to pledge to some causes before you enter the campaign website.


#itcanwait hashtag in social media, has been used over 150,000 times since July 2015, and 20,846 people have used the VR component in 286 cities across the US. So far, more than 11 million people have responded to the CTA of the campaign by taking a pledge never to text while driving.

The VR experience makes a big statement by demonstrating the consequences of texting while driving. The campaign overall shows that the brand truly cares about its customers and invites them to be more conscious.

5. “Flavour Obsession” by Knorr

Another personal one from Knorr, this campaign tells customers about their gourmet preferences in the kitchen, and of course spices and flavours have much to do with it.

This is a quiz, composed of about ten questions. The questions are about your dish selections and when you finish, the test tells you your flavour persona.


As experts in flavour, Knorr partners with IBM, that has developed a fun online flavour profile quiz which helps you recognize your flavour persona from 12 different categories. The categories are Deep Sea Dreamer, Salty Adventurer, Tangy Dynamo, Roasted Romantic, Gracious Grazer, Meaty Warrior, Spicy Rebel, Sweet Seeker, Rustic Ranger, Earthy Idealist, Mustard Maverick or the Melty Indulger.

There’s no doubt that brands should use more of these examples. Which one is your favourite interactive marketing campaign?

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