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4 Web Design Trends That Will Rise To Popularity In 2018

When it comes to website design, we do all behave a little picky, rather than our usual selves.

There’s always a changing scheme that we’re eager to follow regularly, because we all know that creating a website often needs more and more ideas than we thought. Besides the usual questions –are the trends applicable, readable, easy to use, functional, the most important one is sometimes does my homepage look up-to-date?

Therefore, we’d like to give you a small reference about the current design trends that will also maintain their popularity throughout 2018 and will continue to create an inspiration, thanks to the newly-constructed beautiful examples.

1. Underlined Text and Elements

Underlined elements and text is trending unexpectedly. You can see the concept almost in every kind of website and my personal opinion is, it emerged after the popularity of the ghost buttons.

The examples are not simply the underlined hyperlinks, yet it is used to emphasize the title or the target word group the designer means to highlight Meaning, the underlined text and elements uses colour or lines to highlight specific information and bring a focal point to a certain area. The cleverest uses of the method is to make it look like the part of the design.

Underlining can be sometimes distracting if you want to bring focus on other text which is not underlined. To use the method successfully, it needs to look natural and it needs not to look or feel crowded. So, you need to use as much as brightness as possible –especially white colour.





2. Obstructed Elements

No highlights or transparency anymore because natural-flow is the best. This is one of the most difficult website design styles because it needs requires a lot of attention to put overlapping design elements. Looking at things with obstructed design is hard to manage in the first gaze, but a lot of designers are using the concept nowadays.

The technique has its own issues because responsive frameworks have their own basic rules and you might think you cannot apply the obstruction, but you can. However, there are some points you need to be careful, which are toning, letter placement, image overlap and the contrast between three of them!

Because you need to keep things simple, choose a simple typography so that you can manage the back and forth of the layers, plus, use simple words and images. If you use the obstruction method, try to keep the rest of the design very simple so that the viewer can focus on the trick and don’t forget –always check to make sure it’s readable and understandable.





3. Text Rotation

Simply means that the letters on the website tilt downright or are show in a diagonal form –also in down flow. Text rotation aims to draw attention of the viewer and urges them to read it –like a challenge, so it always works when you use it in a homepage. The usage always follows with a regular text, just to create a harmony in design.

There is a light trick for the rule, which comes from the opposite meaning, that it is not a  vertical typing. Text rotation doesn’t mean to type the word in a vertical form, –just the actual horizontal typesetting rotates in different directions but mostly downward. As seen below, The University of Illinois at Chicago uses the technique in their logotype, you can use it wherever you like/

This is quite a new one, therefore the spreading rate is a little slow. Yet, we hope to see fresh samples in this style soon.





4. Monochrome

When working in monochrome, we have always doubted options when it comes to alternatives. There can be concerns about text placement and readability as well, and also how to apply colour in certain parts of the design. If there’s a lack of colour, designers can always find something to struggle with.

But one must not forget that using black and white always makes you cool –always. The key point is being an expert in lighting and shadowing. First of all, if you learn about Hex codes, you can make quite a design in monochrome. For instance, Hex #000000 is made from no colour at all. True rich black is #004040.

The richer black feels much more cooler and inviting, rather than some other designs because it is only a colour –means you have more opportunities. Black and white schemes are on the rise, especially in the art and music industry. Plus, I personally encountered a lot of samples in the fashion industry because  it looks more minimal and –has its own attitude. Just be careful about the contrast between text and background elements, and try to keep the page easier to read.





If you’re a newcomer in building your own page, don’t hesitate to try at least one of them, apply it in a very manageable templateand don’t forget to measure the readability.

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