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4 Ways A Brand Can Produce Massive Amounts of High Quality Content

Nearly 90% of all B2B and B2C brands do content marketing.

According to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2017 reports, nearly 70% plan to increase production. This means more content needs to be produced than ever before!

For many brands, their internal teams are already taxed. To stay relevant though, they will need to meet the continued increase in demand. This will only further stress.

Enter Google to add to this challenge. Google’s increased emphasis on user experience as a key factor in search results makes quality non-negotiable. Not only do brands need to produce ever greater volumes to keep up with the competition, they must continue to produce engaging, high quality content users want to read and engage with.

And there’s the fact that greater volumes of content require greater consistency in production and distribution. To meet the demands of quality, production and distribution, many brand’s will need to get help. There’s four ways a brand can do this:

Hire New Staff and Produce In-House

If a brand has a big demand for a specific type of content and is not in a hurry, hiring a new staff member or two might make sense. Bringing in a new employee who specializes in a specific content type such as social media, email marketing or blog writing allows a brand to have on-site expertise, a fast response to unexpected demand and eventually an intimate familiarity with brand voice and audience.

Of course, that eventually is a drawback as well since the new team member will need time to become accustomed to the brand style.

Content Marketing

License a Content Marketing Platform (CMP)

A brand can also license a content marketing platform. These software applications make it possible for content managers to create, collaborate, distribute and analyze their content. Brands can get B2B and B2C specific platforms per their need. Licensing varies from one platform to another, usually starting at about $1,000 /month and up.

A platform like this could make sense if a content team is in place and the department is only looking for a way to increase the efficiency of production and distribution.

Hire a Freelancer

Freelancers can make sense in a wide variety of circumstances. Maybe the brand has a short-term production need. Another alternative might be a specific ongoing project for which a full-time content specialist might not make sense.

Of course, budget can also play a role as the price for a professional freelancer can deliver expert writing and marketing for less than a comparable staff writer. Freelancers can also offer a lot of flexibility, but come with the challenge of vetting one to ensure you get high quality writing, market knowledge and reliability.

Hire a Content Agency

A content agency makes sense for a brand looking for a full solution. Content agency services can include –

• strategy
• planning
• creation
• management
• distribution
• analytics

A content agency may also have access to graphic design, video, web design and international services. Global brands would benefit from a content creation agency with international reach. This ensures digital marketing content always jives with the local audiences, whether it appears on main street U.S.A or the streets of Beijing, Rio de Janeiro, or Rome.

Other advantages of an agency include resources for research, editing and proofing. Plus, they’ll organize and manage writers, so the brand always gets the highest quality. The agency offers a high level of accountability in delivery. One drawback may be the need to learn the brand style, but most agencies have a process for that codified to speed the process and ensure they can deliver the highest quality content every time.

Which One is Right for Your Brand?

To keep up with content demand, many brands will need to add staff or out-source. These four options represent the ways a brand can meet demand. Before choosing one of these, a brand should review company goals and current resources.

This information will quickly narrow the choices and help a brand meet its content needs in 2017.

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