3rd World Digital Banking Summit 2020

3rd World Digital Banking Summit 2020, organized by Luxatia International, will take place on 15-16 October in Berlin.

Discount:20%3rd World Digital Banking Summit will focus on selecting the best combination of tools for optimizing the banking experience of your customers in the digital world. To better serve the next-generation users, companies need to invest in new technologies and improve their infrastructure to match today’s client expectations.

This hybrid event will bring together banking, financial services, and FinTech professionals to discuss the latest technological advances, security measures, and future trends of digital banking. Leading professionals from global brands will be in attendance to share their experiences and discuss trending topics such as mobile banking, AI payments, privacy regulations, innovations and much more.

Check out the video to find out more about World Digital Banking Summit:

Topics Include:

    • Introducing the latest advances in digital banking and the potential challenges of their implementation.


  • Balancing between personalized customer experience and privacy regulations.
  • Unleashing the potential of AI, ML and Blockchain in digital banking.
  • Digital Payment Fraud Detection and Prevention.
  • Impacts of Biometric Technology on the current state of the industry.
  • Adopting chatbots and other conversational AI tools for better customer experience.


3rd World Digital Banking Summit is organized by Luxatia International which specializes in bringing knowledge experts and thought leaders together through outstanding strategic business conferences & summits, professional training and b2b congresses. They maintain the highest standards of quality in research and market analysis, finding the right issues and producing high-profile events important to audience.

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Don’t miss this event and network with industry leaders and discuss new advances in processes and technology while finding solutions to improve the overall banking experience.

For more details visit the 3rd World Digital Banking Summit website.This event is organized by Luxatia International on 15-16 October in Berlin.