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3 Ways To Garner Sales In 2018 By Leveraging Content

With 2018 upon us inbound marketing and its various content strategies are more center stage than ever before. This means that today’s buyers no longer have a use for sales teams, but instead dive into in-depth research before making a purchasing decision. Content with a personal agenda is what moves the sales needles.

For years content marketing has been sought by businesses who want SEO services. After all, more than 70 percent of content is responsible for favorably ranking a web page.

Years ago an la carte SEO-friendly content marketing offering was suitable because once buyers reached a landing page they could contact a sales team if they weren’t ready to click the CTA and pull the trigger on the spot.

Content marketing tactics that lead buyers to sales teams proved to lose its effectiveness around 2015 or so. Although inbound marketing has been around for more than a decade, it wasn’t until roughly three years ago that its methodology was being more widely talked about by influencers and industry speakers.

Some of the best digital marketing agencies from Los Angeles to New York City either invested in marketing automation software and offered inbound services to their clients, or they found ways to incorporate its various tactics into a content marketing strategy designed to achieve not just SEO but ranking the right content for the right buyers at the appropriate stage in the buyer’s journey.

With the growth of new technologies, finding ways to leverage content is not only still relevant but vital to business growth.

Here are three ways to boost sales by leveraging your content with another entity to be a sure win in 2018 and beyond.

1. Bridge Written Content with Live Broadcasting

As live streaming on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has dominated social media engagement, the transition from blog posts to video posts, for many businesses, was not too difficult.

With endless applications and the familiarity that comes with how people already engage live broadcasting and streaming, this is an ideal way to leverage content to drive more consumer engagement and sales.

The right content has the ability to motivate people to interact with live broadcasting and therefore influence content in real time.


When writing content designed to lead the right buyer persona based audience to your web pages, live broadcasting can leverage textual content to make intimate connections that lead to sales. Some businesses use live broadcasting for webinars where viewers can guide the conversation with questions, and brands get instant feedback.

Some companies also use live streaming so their buyers can show unique and creative ways to use their products. An ideal strategy for increasing sales would be to run a blog with multiple directives–one revealing various ways products can be used to provide solutions to various buyer pains.

Then a CTA can lead buyers to sign up to view a live broadcasting event where they can participate by showing how they use the products while telling their own story. Personal stories motivate sales, and by using live broadcasting to leverage content (for example) in the buyer’s discovery stage, brand advocates and sales numbers will skyrocket.

2. Textual Content and the Chatbots that Seal the Deal

2018 will see lots of content that shoots beyond SEO targeting consumers in various buyer stages used by inbound marketers. There are ways chatbots can be used to leverage content, and innovative digital marketing agencies will experiment with ways to do just that. Most businesses use chatbots for customer service or as a stepping stone in the sales process.


Once a brand understands their customers, their market, and the true pains behind every search query, chatbots can be used to nurture buyers already lead through the funnel by personalized written content.

3. Influencer Marketing can Electrify Your Content

Social media, primarily YouTube influencers, have redefined the landscape for digital marketing, media and advertising. It used to be that high profile wealthy celebrities were used to influence buyers. Today, however, very few brands see significant sales spikes from slapping celebrities into their advertising.

As today’s buyers engage in on-the-spot research to find personalized educational information to help them make purchasing decisions, they also relate more to influencers who are more like them as opposed to some wealthy douchebag driving around TV land in a Lincoln until the cameras are off so he can return to his Lamborghini and drive back to Malibu.


According to research conducted by Demand Gen, 87 percent of buyers have greater confidence in influencer content. This means when brands invest in partnerships with social media celebs, bloggers or the latest YouTube stars, specific audiences can be marketed to backed by a trusted source.

When your content is endorsed and shared by influence marketers, not only will you appear more trustworthy to current buyers in your sphere but the opportunity to acquire new consumer groups because significantly greater.

Remember, buyers trust influencer marketing more than a brand’s own internal efforts. When readers digest branded content promoted by a well-known influencer, the brand’s products are met with greater value and conversion rates will go up.

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