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3 Newspaper Competitors Came Together To Launch A Premium And Trustful Marketplace For Video Advertising

Guardian News & Media, News UK, and The Telegraph, have colloborated to bring a new exlusive marketplace for publishers.

The Verified Marketplace, defined as a premium and trustful marketplace for outstream video ad inventory, will be available for advertisers who would like to buy outstream video ad, assuring the quality of the content on the news platforms.

Moreover, advertisers will also be able to reach 39.4 million potential unique users according to the numbers, shared in the article, on the Telegraph.

Hamish Nicklin, Chief Revenue Officer, Guardian News & Media, said:

The Verified Marketplace is a significant step towards giving advertisers access to some of the very best video ad formats online, and providing more certainty around brand safety and viewability. We look forward to testing this new proposition and working with the industry to deliver the best in digital advertising.

Dora Michail, MD of Digital, The Telegraph, shared:

The Verified Marketplace provides us with a new, safe and innovative way to deliver branded video content. Our influential consumers are highly sought-after audiences for the UK’s most premium brands.

The Verified Marketplace will let advertisers to buy outstream video ads through UnrulyX, which is the first supply-side platform that allows premium publishers to unify and report on all outstream video demand in one place, acquired by News UK.


The rivals from the news industry agreed on offering trusted, brand safe sites with high-quality ad formats for the ad environment, thanks to the strong programmatic support by MOAT and Integral Ad Science.

The two digital solution providers mentioned will be verifying the quality severally, to make sure delivering successfull video ad performance.

As the new joint move is very well received, the Manager Director of Digital Trading GroupM, Robin O’Neill commented:

At Group M we have long believed in the many positive benefits associated with professionally produced, high quality content for our clients advertising campaigns. We also require the ability to independently verify delivery and performance of campaigns.

The Verified Market place delivers both of these in allowing easy access to video inventory at scale, in a range of iconic titles and we are fully supportive of this initiative. GroupM will continue to push for greater levels of collaboration from publishers in order to bring our clients quality media with the ability to transact at scale

Advertisers and publishers have been notably sharing their concerns over widespread fraud and unsafe places online.

Thus, we’re already familiar and appreciated with the idea that big companies have started to work together to create a trustful environment for better online presence in the digital marketing industry.

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