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3 Big Signs You Should Switch From SEO To A Digital Marketing Growth Stack

Search engine optimization is a common digital marketing service that most organizations invest in.

However, most companies that sign up for SEO services do so without addressing their true goals with the agency, or using the right set of tools that will help them achieve their high-revenue targets.

First of all, SEO is an important service to have. After all, if people can’t find you online, they aren’t going to buy from you.

In addition, organic traffic is a great channel for driving sales and obtaining new clients. However, SEO alone is not the answer for most mid-size and larger organizations. For these companies, SEO is a vital piece to a much larger solution – a digital marketing growth stack.

This article will address the three biggest red flags that SEO alone isn’t getting the results you need; it will illustrate how a growth stack can make the needed improvements with SEO still intact to drive results. But first, let’s get familiar with the growth stack mentality.

What is a Growth Stack?

A growth stack is a set of tools and strategies designed to work together to achieve a set of specific goals. When top-of-their-game agencies engineer growth stacks, the foundation begins in understanding how buyers consume information and make purchase decisions.

Once buyer personas are created, various strategies and tool are customized to achieve the client’s goals. From prospect nurturing to generating more organic traffic, and to closing the deal, a solid growth stack will bring all the components together to drive business growth.

1. Neverending Sales Cycle

I hear it all the time; organizations call my agency and express a huge pain point within their sales cycle. They will say it used to take them a few months to close each deal, but now it is taking six months or longer.

Some of these brands invest in SEO to drive traffic to conversion pages. But people aren’t converting. Even when they fill out a form, they get lost in the system. This is a perfect example why companies need a digital marketing growth stack.

It’s all about the question of continuous dynamic communication that garners shorter sales cycles. The idea is to use the right content, in the right context, and marketing automation to seduce the customer so they call you, as opposed to your sales team calling them.

2. Lack-Luster Marketing Department

Is your marketing department showing signs of inefficiency? Are they running a poorly thought SEO strategy with some monthly emails? With the right range of tools and strategies agencies can automate a process that will be much more efficient than your department.


Once a growth stack starts scheduling social media posts, emails, and creating forms and landing pages aimed at drawing higher quality leads, you will see a significant uptick in performance.

Not only will a growth stack help SEO get better results and reach buyers across all channels with content that converts, it will free up time for your marketing department to do other tasks with greater success that play a bigger role to growing your business.

3. Unidentified Customers

If your SEO is helping to increase organic traffic and draw new visitors to your site, great! However, SEO won’t let you know who your potential buyers are. When just relying on SEO, organizations are using their intuition and best guess to performing actions that impact overall marketing.

With an aggressive inbound strategy in a growth stack with SEO still tightly locked in, you will be able to know who your audience members are, where they entered your site, and the journey they tool exploring your content.

With this knowledge one can develop a process with desired actions for your buyer personas to engage all while being led through a buyer’s journey that attracts people to your brand, services and products.

Is a Growth Stack Right for Your Business?

Not all organizations need a growth stack. There are a few out there who are hitting their goals with a solid SEO strategy. However, these are a rare breed. Your best bet is to participate in a growth stack workshop offered by a top digital marketing agency to truly discover if this service would be a support.

A workshop de-risks any investment you might put into a marketing growth stack, allows you to better understand your internal and external pains and strong points, and it grants total clarity in to where your gaps exist.

Find a great-looking digital marketing workshop, vet the agency, and look for opportunities to grow your business where SEO alone simply can’t cut it.

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