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15 Laws of Social Media Marketing

Social media isn’t just a platform that enables us to create, share or participate regularly but has transformed itself from being merely a social networking tool to becoming the magnet that attracts customers and retailers alike.

And, there are some laws in social media marketing that we should focus on to enhance its magnetism. For example, the rules of the relationship, listening, niche, quality, social compounding, patience, acknowledgment, accessibility, influence, reciprocity, and more.

Here, we will discuss each of these laws for your marketing benefits.

1. Social Listening

We all think— how to be a better social media marketer. But only a few of us manage to get the right answer. Social media marketing isn’t about being talkative. It isn’t about being there on every channel and make a lot of noise. But it’s all about listening more and talking less.

According to Statista Report, the number of worldwide social media users is expected to cross 3 billion mark by 2021. It is because social media is interactive, people love to stay connected and spend most of their time hanging out online.

There is no other medium but social channels, where you can engage with your existing and new audience in real-time. That’s why brands should stop talking and start communicating. It’s a two-way process that needs you to listen with patience.

First of all, you need to listen to your target audience. Participate in discussions and find out what’s essential for your audience. With this, you will have the clarity to create content as per their likes. And, you won’t be creating noise anymore!

2. Focused Approach

Becoming the jack of all trades is easy but mastering every task isn’t. It is possible that you spread your focus all over as to capture a large audience base. But to have a successful social media marketing plan, you need to focus on just one key area.

Here, we referred focus either on a specific campaign, a single channel or specific audience. Find out your niche and then create a strategy focused on the demographic target. If you plan out strategy around these areas, you are sure to succeed in your marketing efforts.

3. Quality

Do you know by implementing the law of focus, you’re paving the way for the 3rd law? And, the third law is the law of quality.

Quality outshines quantity.

So, it’s better to have just a small number of followers who are loyal to your brand and actively engaged in your activity. Having thousands of followers who do not interact with your brand is just a number game and wastage of resources.

The same rule applies to the content you generate online. Make sure to create quality content and add value to conversations and your relationships with the audience. The same goes for expanding your social media networks.

4. Compounding

When you keep feeding quality content to your target audience, you are more likely to increase the chances of its sharing and likes. That is where compounding comes into play. Your content will not only be visible to your target audience but in their personal network.

It is just like investing your money in the right market where the return will be double. So, choose the right audience, and your marketing efforts will yield compounding results. And, the key is to apply the law second and third time and again.

5. Patience

As said earlier, social media marketing is all about creating a strong relationship with your customers. It takes time to build one even if you reach a large number of people. You won’t succeed overnight but gradually by continuing your efforts. All it takes is patience.

6. Accessibility

What’s great about social media? It’s interactivity, right? But it doesn’t mean you post your content and sit in a corner to watch your audience’s activity. You have to be there for them, responding and interacting with them!

You have to take part in the conversation. It is very crucial to build a relationship with them. Most importantly if you do any mistakes learn from it and do not repeat.

7. Knowledge and Reciprocity

Since the relationship is the core of social media marketing effort, anything that fortifies is essential. So, reciprocity and acknowledgment are significant.

Reply and share your prospects’ comments and posts. If you are not doing that, you just can’t expect them to do the same. So you need to take out your time to like and share content from other people and brands. You have to talk about them too.

These laws are pretty simple. Statistics and numbers will remain the part of your marketing strategy, but you need to invest your time in human interactions more. This is the way to build lasting relationships with your audience.

8. Influence

You need to get the help of brand advocates and influencers to put your brand in good light. And, that’s the way to elevate your brand identity. Spend some time to find out online influencers in your niche.

Make sure they have quality prospects who are interested in your products and services. Build a connection with such people and expand your reach.

9. Consistency

As we stated earlier, it takes time to build relationships. Social media marketing along with patience requires consistency to build trust. You have to engage your followers in a regular manner that reflects the true essence of your brand.

Stop posting sales-oriented content, and start focusing on engaging and industry-specific ones.

10. Flexibility

By 2020, the number of mobile users all over the world is expected to reach 4.78 billion. It means the number of mobile users is increasing day by day. Therefore, you need to set your social media marketing campaign around this user base.

Create content, videos and even images that are mobile friendly. Make sure it can be viewed on any device.

You can also work with a social media marketing agency as it’s also important to get a professional support for a big project.

11. Authenticity

The law of authenticity comes when you start creating posts for your audience. You will find many page admins sharing tips and hacks on their website. At some extent, it’s possible to copy their method or posts. But if you want to build trust, it won’t help in the long run. Be authentic in whatever you do. It will build your brand’s foundation.

12. Real buzz

If you choose to walk on the path of authenticity, take that path to create real buzz too. There are many ways to create a buzz on the social channels. Most of them go viral, and people remember them for an extended period.

Adopt a funny, sarcastic or satirical approach to create a buzz. But remember, not all buzz goes in the same way. Some of them end up leaving a bad taste in the mouth of the audience. Don’t create something that will haunt your brand for years to come.

13. Personalization

According to a study, about 20% of Facebook posts garner emotional response like haha reactions, love, anger, and many other responses. If you extend your business profiles to your personal account, it can help you build an emotional connection with your fan-base.

Use your personal profile for sharing the content with your business profile to give your posts a more personal touch.

14. Timing

Not all social media networking channel is the same, we all know that. Each of them is unique in their sense. And, each of them has a specific timetable to post your content. Publishing your posts at the right time hugely helps you in driving engagement and increasing your reach.

Posting at the wrong time, however, is going to keep you away from the eyes of your target audience.

15. Honesty

The last law is the law of honesty. It is essential for you to involve in social media channels for better promotion. But you will have to reveal the intention behind your interaction too. Today’s audience is smarter than ever.

They understand the motive of a post quite well. The only good and honest intention will help you attract them. Be creative instead of publishing self-promontory posts.

Whether it’s for custom t-shirts or any other business you have, keep earlier laws in mind to succeed in social media marketing.

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