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15 Clues On How To Build Your Personal Brand Successfully

When you start creating your own personal brand, you have to build it to get the most benefit out of it. Here are some tips that will help you to know yourself better and so does your brand.

As you build your brand, it becomes easier to contact with other companies, to know your audience better and to frame your marketing strategy. The most important thing is, the brand should be ‘yours’ at the core, it should reflect you. This leads to uniqueness and only then, you become exceptional.

Let’s check the do’s to build a great brand.

1. Know your focus

Businesses, which start as a personal brand, want to be known as experts in something. When you’re creating yours, you need to identify what you’re really up to specifically. Know your fields and make sure not to wander off. What do you want to build your business around? What’s your vision? If you understand and state them perfectly, it’s way too easy to express them to your audience along the way.


2. Prepare with the right questions

If you’re working on your personal brand, it’s important to question yourself first. If you’re asking the right questions, be sure your answers lead you to the right path.

Here are some proper questions to ask before starting:

1. What am I an expert on?
2. What can I promise to people that work with me?
3. Is my message the same as my competitors?
4. What can I do to amaze them when they are working with me?

These questions will enlighten your way.

3. Define your audience & be patient about it

Who do you want following you? The answer will define your target audience. You have to know who you speak to, because they will lead your brand to somewhere better –or worse-, so be careful. It takes time and research to know your audience better, but let’s say, if you don’t know your audience, you’ll never reach a perfect growth-scale.


4. Create well-groomed website

A website is your home, your gallery, your store, let’s say your everything. A brand’s website should be one thing: simple and good looking –whatever your brand’s category is-.

Having a website that you can control easily causes relief in you because in the beginning, you may be using yours manually and you don’t want to splurge. Just make sure you’re working with the right web designers and, not only, let them understand your brand, but also, build a website accordingly.


5. Believe in the power of communication

We all agree that we’re in the era of communication over smartphones and instant-communication takes over our entire lives. So be aware of it and don’t deny the power of communication. Take all your chances to reach your target audience. These people peoples will be your customers or your business partners, but you’ll never know if you don’t take a step. Step forward and communicate truly with your audience.

6. A student mindset

You have to maintain the mindset of a college student, no matter how much experience you’ve gained along the way. Because we humans are ‘always in a process of learning’ and it never stops. If you believe in this attitude, you let someone critique on your work and it may be the best thing that can happen to your brand.

So, listen people carefully, it can be your follower, your child, your best-friend or someone else.Never stop learning from them or at least never stop taking advices to expand your knowledge and provide a new value.

7. Create a unique marketing strategy

Before you create your personal brand, you need a strategy that explains your promoting methods. It doesn’t need to contain all the marketing clichés but, you have to have your own plan in order to reach success. Your plan should include social media, influencers and engagements, content marketing schedule, link building strategies and SEO and traditional annual advertising plan. Then, you regulate all of them in your own way.


8. Share ‘inside’

You always wonder what people think about in a brand? The backstage. By backstage, we mean the real-business, rather than the one screened. Because sharing inside means sincerity and this leads to more people connecting with your work emotionally, which is essential in business. So, share some ‘inside’ information and let people sympathize you.

9. Know your USP

Your USP -unique selling proposition- is what distinguishes you from your competitors. You should give a reason for why your customers should choose you. What makes you unique? What is it that they won’t find anywhere or in anyone else? Your USP should be a single-sentence statement of who you are, what your –brand’s- strong sides are and your major benefits your audience will derive from you. Here are the contents of USP and how you can use them out of your brand.


Quality is about your superiorities and your methods while you’re in a business. If you develop a different method, or you have something –it can be a material, too- that no one has, it becomes your quality.


There’s only one thing to know about pricing system. If you offer best prices, yet you have a profit share, you’re doing it correctly. But if you’re a beginner, make sure to predicate on your competitor brands just to compete with them.


Service is the field to delight your customers . It’s also a perfect chance to impress your customers. Packaging, delivery, communication and all the others are including as service.

These 3 should always be on your cheat sheet when you’re building your brand’s principles.

10. Hire a personal brand audit

While you’re in the process of creating your own brand, you already have some public information available about you. Before you go fast, it’ll be better to show them to an audit person to check your online presence. This can help you improve your personal image because hereafter, you mean your brand and your brand means you.

11. Share the story (help others achieve their goals

After you build your brand and it’s working, share your journey with your followers to inspire them. Share articles, presentations, pictures, posts etc. If you post some things like these, people will develop empathy and you actually will help them to achieve their goals.

12. Get your feedbacks regularly

Sometimes, we all have to put on one’s shoes to see direct ourselves in the right position. In order to do this and not be a one-track minded, show your work to someone and let that someone evaluate you regularly. Make sure that person is capable to understand your work and comments on them objectively. This will help you see your brand’s true image and reach its best.

13. Attain your #goals

Creating goals can help you develop your personal brand in direction of your promotion and marketing. You should define major goals, but you should also define smaller ones to keep you motivated. Consider goals as just roadmaps of your brand.


14. Know your content strategy

Everyone is building a marketing strategy at the beginning, but most of the times content strategy is the missing one. It’s an important issue on its own. You will use the content to build authority and show your proficiencies to the others. You have to build content regularly to announce news about your brand. Those contents will be your newscasts.

You can hire a social media specialist to make videos, take pictures and write blogs for you, but for the start, you can schedule, plan and do this by yourself, and try not to overstep your borders.

15. Be exceptional

No one is perfect or we say, no one has to be. But if you want to build a professional business, you have to work hard to be an expert about it. This could be a growing opportunity and someone’s future job, so it’s a responsibility for the others as well.

Decide your career path and be the best you can be at it. Later on, you can add more features and business models and become exceptional, literally.


In conclusion, your personal brand is your stage to express all your ideas to the world. It could be a product, a business enterprise, a little gift shop or a restaurant. In any case, you should look interesting and polished.

Make sure you promote your brand in a way that fits your brand’s perception. This is the ultimate key to a brand’s market success because this leads your work to meet with the right audience and in time, you’ll become an authority.

Be opportunist, yet value-driven.

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