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10 Content Marketing Tips For A Successful Campaign During Mobile App Development

In this digital age where millions of people turn to online sources for their various informative needs, content marketing plays a very critical role.

For a successful content marketing campaign, top app development companies must create contents that are fresh, innovative, easy to digest and relevant.

The types of content that wins are those that have successfully found a balance between creativity and marketability.

Although businesses and brands are now very much aware of the importance of content marketing, they are still confronted by several challenges in the creation of relevant content.

Content marketing really does not have to be so difficult; there are basic guidelines that can be followed for a successful content marketing campaign during mobile app development.

1. Be clear and concise:

The world is very busy and the internet is pretty much noisy. The attention span of online users has dropped precariously.

Publishing content that are longwinded and complex will cause you to lose your audience. Typically, if an online user does not see what he wants from your page in five to six seconds, he moves on to the closest alternative.

Regardless of what you are writing on, there are several other sites that are offering the same. By being clear and concise, top app development companies can catch readers’ attention and hold it to the last word on the page. This way they can turn readers into customers or clients.

2. Identify your target audience:

Before you set out on your content marketing campaign ensure to identify who your target audience is, and where you can easily find them. Identification of a target audience will guide you on your choice of language and inform you on where to share your content.

Take, for instance, if you are a medical blogger then you will need to adopt medical terminologies and associate with medical blogs, journals, and medical groups. And if you are a mobile game developer, then you will use gaming terminologies and your target audience will be teenagers and probably adolescent.

Game loving teenagers will not be found on LinkedIn, looking for them there will be a terrific waste of time.

3. Maintain a consistent voice flow:

Consistency is one of the key ingredients of a successful content marketing campaign. Whatever you do, try to ensure a consistent tone of voice in all your content.

This helps an audience to flow with your content and ease their transition from one post to the next. It can be quite jarring to complete a post with a humorous tone only to move on to the next with an angry tone of voice, all on the same platform.

4. Place priority on SEO:

Search engine optimization is the best way for app development companies can organically grow their audience and to ensure that their content reaches the right people.

With search engine optimization, your content can rank higher in search engine result thereby allowing it to be easily accessible by more people as compared to if it was ranked lower. In order to have a successful content marketing campaign, you must place emphasis on SEO tactics.

Keywords are one of the strongest SEO tactics for a successful content marketing campaign. Every industry has specific keywords that most people search for online.

The idea is to use these keywords in important areas of your content. For example title, body, or meta descriptions.

Inserting these keywords in these important areas will allow your content to be easily indexed by Google crawlers making your content easy to locate online.


5. Use social media to your advantage:

With millions of people visiting various social media platforms each day, these channels have become one of the most reliable avenues for content creation and promotion.

The trending topics and issues on these platforms can act as a guide for marketers and top app development companies on what to create content on.

Also, social media presents a ready audience where contents can be shared. As a business owner, top app development companies or marketer if you can make your content relevant on social media platforms, then you are halfway successful at content marketing.

6. Proper formatting of content:

Aside from keeping your content clear and concise, the use of proper formatting techniques is essential to the success of your content marketing campaign.

Content that has a visual appeal will encourage readership than those without such appeal. Ensure to keep your paragraphs short by breaking the text into small blocks and allowing for plenty of white spaces.

Keeping your content short is good, but a 500 word poorly formatted article can appear more intimidating than a 750 words properly formatted content.

7. Pay attention to competitors:

In this highly competitive business world, it is of utmost importance to be aware of the activities of your competitors.

This helps top app development companies to stay on top of the latest trends in their industry as well as know what made certain content marketing campaigns successful.

Paying attention to your competitor is not the same things as stealing their content marketing ideas, you should only seek to use their methods to improve and adjust your content.

8. Allow your content to be tweetable:

Sharing is one of most effective methods of promoting your content. The easier it is for your content to be shared, the greater the likelihood for it to go viral.

Creating tweetable facts or opinions is one very effective content marketing strategy. This allows for the creation of multiple entry points into a blog post.

9. Repurpose or recycle post:

As content creators or top app development companies, there will be times in your career that you would create certain contents that would go viral and get your tremendous attention and conversion.

Don’t just let that type of content die a natural death, learn to recycle or repurpose content. Perhaps the initial content was in text, why not design infographic content about it, or create tweetable nuggets?

Even for the seemingly unsuccessful content. Perhaps the reason the content wasn’t so successful was that it was shared at the wrong time or on the wrong platform.

Get in the habit of bringing back old content and repurposing them for different platforms.

10. Be creative:

There are a lot of copied content out there. In order to stand out of the fray, you must be creative and original.

Think outside the box, don’t just pick a popular content online and then rewrite it. Rather find your own stories to tell.

Some of the ways by which you can be original is by sharing facts or using storytelling techniques to pass across messages.

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