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Social media campaigns showcasing social media marketing campaign examples, ideas and case studies including social media contests, games and similar social media apps.


Bacardi Offers ‘DJ Simulator’ On Instagram

Bacardi has just launched the World’s First Instagram DJ experience for its Stories feature and teamed up with Swizz Beatz for the virtual campaign. Bacardi loves to integrate music on their projects and mixes them with a tech-edit on marketing campaigns, we all know that. Titled “InstantDJ”, new digital campaign was created with the help […]


‘Save Our Snowmen’ Mockumentary Highlights The Climate Change

Increasing heat threatens the environment and all manner of species on Earth. Therefore, a mockumentary film was made by Cool Effect Organization, in which Snowmen are starring. The project is called ‘Save Our Snowmen’. It is an online crowdfunding platform that backs carbon-reduction initiatives, the main reason of the temperature increase. Dr. James Atwater, Director […]


Audi’s Campaign #CatchtheUnseen Inspires People To Explore Sweden

Audi launched a first-of-its-kind competition, called #CatchtheUnseen, where people were challenged to take the instagram photos further than anyone else. Audi, with the help of Swedish agency Åkestam Holst, launched a microsite with the map showing where the most Instagram photos were taken in Sweden. Demonstrating that we tend to take pictures from exactly same places, […]


Top 15 Creative Branded Instagram Videos

Kudos to all the brands for their creative use of the popular Instagram video feature. Currently, videos on Instagram are all the rage! We think the feature owes its success to its 15-30 second limit for the ads and visually appealing content by its users, requiring them to be creative and engaging in the short […]


Land Rover Launches An Interactive Instagram Adventure Story

Land Rover takes its fans on an insta-adventure in an insanely, clever campaign by The Brooklyn Brothers. Remember those choose-your-own-adventure stories you used to read as a child? By partnering with The Brooklyn Brothers, Land Rover took to Instagram to create one such story titled, “Adventuregram” – an interactive picture-based story that lets every user […]

lego facebook campaign kronkiwongi

LEGO Has Partnered With Facebook For Its “Kronkiwongi” Campaign

Lego is targeting parents on Facebook through a partnership with the social network for its latest campaign called “Kronkiwongi”. LEGO has partnered with Facebook for its latest campaign, which asks children around the world to create an imaginary character called a “kronkiwongi”. The campaign has been running in the last few weeks in a line […]

little ceasars twitter campaign bacon timeline

Little Caesars Twitter Campaign: Bacon Timeline

Little Caesers has released a Twitter campaign, called Bacon Timeline, to promote their bacon wrapped crust pizza. Back in February, Little Caesars launched their Bacon Wrapped Crust Deep DEEP! DEEP! Dish Pizza. Now, that step has been taken by Little Caesars, as the company has unveiled its new Bacon Timeline app for Twitter. This application […]

wwf endangered emoji campaign

WWF Launched An Emoji-Based Campaign: #EndangeredEmoji

WWF launched its first ever emoji based fundraising campaign to help support the organisation’s work to protect precious species and their habitats. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is using a group of emojis for a fundraising campaign called #EndangeredEmoji to help endangered creatures and their homes. The launch of the campaign, which will […]