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The Netflix VR App Works With Daydream VR Headsets

Netflix’s newest VR app allows users, who own the Google Daydream View headsets, into their movie-streaming service to view 360° video content. Netflix VR is a standalone mobile app which works with VR headsets, including the Google Daydream View and Oculus Rift. With the Daydream headset, your room is transformed into a mountainside chalet or […]


‘Save Our Snowmen’ Mockumentary Highlights The Climate Change

Increasing heat threatens the environment and all manner of species on Earth. Therefore, a mockumentary film was made by Cool Effect Organization, in which Snowmen are starring. The project is called ‘Save Our Snowmen’. It is an online crowdfunding platform that backs carbon-reduction initiatives, the main reason of the temperature increase. Dr. James Atwater, Director […]


Flip-Disc Allows Its Users To Create Awesome Kinetic Displays

Tired of Neons or LED displays? Very popular and new display alternative is out now and is called Flip-Disc, which is made of moving-kinetic pixels.  The Flip-Disc Display System, which is a modular displaying system that can be customized by movements, is the latest innovation from the New York interactive agency, Breakfast. The ‘Flip-Disc technology […]


WeTransfer Has Been Redesigned And Rebranded With Focusing On ‘We’ Only

Founded in 2009, file-sharing service WeTransfer has unveiled a new logo, website and identity; and has dropped the “transfer” from its logo. WeTransfer was founded to ‘simply send digital photos in big sizes,’ and now is “starting from scratch” with a stripped-back two-letter symbol. The Creative Director of the new logo, Laszlito Kovacs, brainstormed on initial concepts. […]


Salvation Army Rolls Out Facebook 360° Photos To Strike Poverty

Salvation Army and Facebook collaborate to draw attention towards poverty in Canada, with the help of Grey’s 360° holiday card idea. Grey Canada makes a holiday campaign for The Salvation Army using Facebook’s 360° photos. It’s both a video, a print-ad campaign and 360° Facebook image. When you look at the families’ holiday photos, they initially […]


Diageo’s Anti-Drunk VR Video Is Extremely Terrifying

Presented by DRINKİQ, Decisions is a 360° virtual reality experience that draws attention to drunk-driving. One of the most famous beverage brands distributor, Diageo recently released a VR video named ‘Decisions’ to follow the journey of three cars, and the crash that follows. There are few different scenes that are combined at the end of the video. One […]