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Mobile app examples and ideas showcasing creative mobile apps designed and developed by startups or digital agencies for mobile marketing campaigns.


Vertigo – The App That Let’s You Share Your Music In Real Time

A brand new music app called Vertigo lets people become a radio host for their own friends. The new app caters to the music community by creating a new social experience. Departs from the principle, ‘Share life through music’, Vertigo aims to bridge people with mutual music taste and interests them with its unique style […]


RED Interactive Agency Launches Daniel Tiger App for Parents

Leading customer experience agency partners with PBS Kids and the Fred Rogers Company to launch Daniel Tiger for Parents, a new parent-directed app. There’s a new Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood app that’s helping to make parenting preschoolers a little easier and more fun! The new parent-directed app, Daniel Tiger for Parents, is available on the App […]


UberEATS Launches Breakfast Service In London

Uber starts offering a breakfast service through its UberEats app in London as of today. So, you should reconsider if the breakfast can wait or not! Starting from tomorrow, UberEATS will be available in zones 1 and 2 in the U.K. capital. The new service sees UberEATS partner with restaurants and patisseries including London’s favoruites […]


Aipoly Is An AR App That Provides Vision For The Blind

Can you imagine a technology that can describe almost every object in the world to the blind? That technology has now arrived in the form of an Augmented Reality app called Aipoly. Aipoly is a machine vision project that recognizes objects and color; helping blind, visually impaired, and color blind people to understand their surroundings. […]


An Interactive Book App For Children: The Snow Fox

Want to read bedtime stories as a special holiday gift for your children? Read “The Snow Fox”, then.  Animated digital app books are just become very popular among parents, because it gives a chance to spend a qualified amount of time with their kids. That’s why, a US based digital agency called AKQA has created The Snow Fox which […]


Shapes Of Cities Is The Ultimate App For Urban People

A great job in graphic design! Developed by Yoni Alter, the Shapes Of Cities app lets you discover the highest points in your city. If you are looking for something different and colorful when you’re on mobile, Shapes of Cities is the app that you’re looking for! The London-based designer and artist, Yoni Alter created […]


Epicgram Makes Your Videos More Epic With Classical Music

DDB Brussels developed an app, Epicgram, for music videos recorded in the classical music festival called B-Classic. Epicgram is an app which was developed to make the videos more fun and splendid. While DDB Brussels developed the app for the festival, the app became more popular than the real event, so it created an impression. […]

cyclopes duck hunt vr daisy daisy

Cyclops Duck Hunt VR By Daisy Daisy

A virtual reality retelling of the classic duck hunt story. You play as a post-apocalyptic cyclops alien trying to fend off an invasion of evil mutant ducks. Reckless genetic engineering has released upon the world an army of robot ducks, zombie ducks and worst of all, Donald Trump ducks. Naturally, the only force in the […]

photo app prisma

The Prisma App Magically Transforms Pictures Into Artsy Masterpieces

Presenting Prisma, the new iOS photo app that’s become an overnight internet sensation for transforming pictures into incredible works of art! It’s tough for any other new app out there to get a moment of glory amidst the “Pokémon Go” gaming rage-of-the-moment, however there’s one app that too deserves the limelight – Prisma. Basically, Prisma […]


Ikea’s Photo App Klikk Lets You Take Only One Photo

Ikea Belgium launched Klikk, a photo app which takes a single photo. The Klikk app, designed by DDB Brussels, aims to bring thoughtfulness back to photography and forces the user to focus on composition, timing and light. The video below explains how the app works: Klikk app was created to promote Ikea’s 2016 Art Collection, […]