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Guerilla marketing showcasing guerilla marketing campaign examples, ideas and case studies.


Adidas Created Its First 3D Printed Sneakers For Olympians

To shine in Rio 2016, Adidas uses the 3D printing technology on its sneakers for the first time – designed especially for the Olympic champions.  The mainstream sports brand is technologically advanced, so 3D is on their radar, too. Adidas decided to give the Olympic athletes, their first ever made 3D- printed Futurecraft shoes. The […]

canon real time tips

Canon Teaches New Yorkers How To Take The Perfect Picture

NYC is lit up with Canon’s smart billboards displaying #RealTimeTips that are sure to up your photography game! Canon is giving tourists and keen photographers a source of excitement by placing pop-up billboards in New York City’s prime photography locations. Three smart billboards are placed at the Flatiron, Central Park South (5th Ave and 59th […]

Nike Instaposter Women

#InstaPoster To InstaCelebrity With Nike

Nike’s #Instaposter campaign takes Moscow by a storm with action figures of active women from Instagram! What is Instagram all about if not celebrating moments, victories and achievements? Nike joined forces with Russian agency, Instinct, taking a special direction to celebrate these very moments for active women in Moscow in a unique way, as part […]


Feel Like A Celebrity With #CokeMyName

Tweet with hashtag #CokeMyName to have your name & a unique fact about it star on a billboard in Times Square. After the triumph of the clever drinkable billboard for Coke Zero, Coca Cola’s recent outdoor campaign, lets you tweet to have your name splashed on a big screen, in Times Square. Here’s to taking […]

nescafe cafe express

Nescafe Creates Instant Connections Among Passersby

“Instant Connections” by Nescafe sets out to show how a fresh cup of coffee can magically create instant connections in the real world.  It all began with an ordinary morning in the crowded streets of Germany; there is the hustle bustle of a new day with cars zooming by and, people heading off to work, […]

Wish Upon A Coke

Wish Upon A Coke, See It Come True!

A campaign focused on the expat community in UAE and their families, granting wishes and making dreams come true! Behind the glitzy skyscrapers, the magnificent architecture and the sparkle of Dubai, there are millions of migrant workers who struggle to make Dubai as glamorous as it is. Often these workers work long hours under rigorous […]