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Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing showcasing guerilla marketing campaign examples, ideas and case studies.


Royal Life Saving WA Launches ‘Passwords With A Purpose’

Royal Life Saving WA and 303 MullenLowe collaborated to encourage parents at public swimming pools to watch over their children, not their phones. The free wifi service at swimming pools have become very popular among parents lately. However, this growing trend causes some serious consequences like showing lack of attention towards their children. Therefore, MullenLowe and […]


Tinder Customized VR Headsets And Draw Interest At CES 2017

The most famous entertainment-app is having some serious fun at the Consumer Electronics Show with a “virtual-reality headset” for couples. Although they shared the information on their official blog page as Tinder VR (LOL), the company is doing it only for PR. We bet the lovely couples would love the idea, yet it’s just a […]


Squarespace Teams Up With John Malkovich To Launch His New Business

Very well-known actor, John Malkovich’s true passion is to be a fashion designer. So, Squarespace collaborates with him in this new journey. From actor to fashion designer, Mr. Malkovich reveals his secret passion via a new online project. To spread it around the world, the website development company, Squarespace partners, develops and produces the project, JohnXHannes, a […]


Flip-Disc Allows Its Users To Create Awesome Kinetic Displays

Tired of Neons or LED displays? Very popular and new display alternative is out now and is called Flip-Disc, which is made of moving-kinetic pixels.  The Flip-Disc Display System, which is a modular displaying system that can be customized by movements, is the latest innovation from the New York interactive agency, Breakfast. The ‘Flip-Disc technology […]


Can’t Get Enough Selfies? Take One With Coca-Cola Selfie Bottle

‘Coca-Cola Selfie Bottle’ takes selfie-addiction to a whole new level. Is this the beginning of ‘drinkable technology’? A camera is attached to the 0.5L Coca-Cola bottle at the bottom, that takes a photo whenever one tilts the bottle past 70°. This means that while drinking Coca-Cola, immortalizing the moment by taking a selfie is now […]


Artifier – The Most Artsy Ad-Blocker In The World

Artifier is a Google Chrome plug-in that replaces banner ads with some pieces of artworks, created by Bombay Sapphire and BBDO New York. Since 2010, the UK-based distillery brand, Bombay Sapphire has partnered with the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation to present artwork from valuable artists through its Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series competition on its website. […]


Introducing The World’s ‘Most Instagrammable Billboard’

One of Zaha Hadid’s latest projects can be a spectacular billboard design of the future, located on the Sunset Boulevard, California. The project is intended to illustrate the evolution of outdoor advertising and motivate the advertisers to promote in the new era. Creative display and design of the billboards are described as Sunset spectacular project, […]


Guerilla Marketing: A Primer For The New Business Owner

Guerilla marketing shares a name with this type of warfare for a reason. Surprise ambushes are a tried-and-true tactic for grabbing attention and leaving an impression. Guerilla marketing is an unconventional and low-cost marketing technique that maximizes a product’s exposure and minimizes a company’s risk. A bare-bones budget doesn’t have to mean a subpar marketing […]


BMW Films Are Back With “The Escape”

BMW announced the return of BMW Films this week. The first addition to the series is named “The Escape”. “The Escape” has a magnificent cast starring Oscar nominee Clive Owen, who will return to play “The Driver”. He’ll be joined by Dakota Fanning, John Bernthal and Vera Farringa. Director Neill Blomkamp will be behind the […]