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Graphic Design

Graphic design inspiration showcasing creative graphic design examples and work from the portfolio of graphic design artists and digital marketing agencies.


Graphic Designers Bring A Naturalistic Approach To Argentinean Banknotes

Graphic designers Gilda Martini and Gabriela Lubiano redesigned the Argentinean Pesos in style. The banknotes were inspired by the diversity of the fauna and flora, meaning the plants and animal variations on the landscape. While illustrating the bills, on the resto(front) they put animals and on the verso(back), landscapes. It’s a brilliant idea to combine […]


Logo Design Trends And Inspiration For Startups In 2017

As one of the most vibrant businesses in the design industry, logo design trends change regularly and are followed by startups and initiatives all around the world. While creating your startup, the most exciting thing is to build a cool and nifty brand identity. Therefore, logo design has a significant role. It needs to present the […]


WeTransfer Has Been Redesigned And Rebranded With Focusing On ‘We’ Only

Founded in 2009, file-sharing service WeTransfer has unveiled a new logo, website and identity; and has dropped the “transfer” from its logo. WeTransfer was founded to ‘simply send digital photos in big sizes,’ and now is “starting from scratch” with a stripped-back two-letter symbol. The Creative Director of the new logo, Laszlito Kovacs, brainstormed on initial concepts. […]


Superpowers Are Visualized As Geometric Shapes

Supergraphics is a set of posters that visualize superhuman abilities in geometric shapes, designed by Fardan Munshi.  Waterloo-based visual designer Fardan Munshi created 16 different posters that portray the superhuman powers we all wish to have. For this project, he was inspired by Genís Carreras, who did a similar project in the past, called Philographics, which […]


Google’s New Font Noto Is Available In More Than 800 Languages

Google creates a new font family called Noto which is available in more than 800 languages. Innovations shape our lives on a daily basis. Google’s Noto was considered about five years ago and now it’s available! In addition to having more than 800 languages, they’ve included 110,000 characters to the font family. This means, the […]


Wanderlust Alphabet Is Bringing Travel And Typography Together

A Glaswegian-wonder form of art, illustration and typography are all in one project. Jack Daly designs an alphabet called The Wanderlust Alphabet, in which the cities are illustrated in letters. It’s a wonderful project of a Glasgow-based illustrator and designer Jack Daly. He loves illustration, typography and travel, and he gathers all his passions together for […]


The Innovative Australian Banknotes Design Revealed

The Reserve Bank of Australia recently released the new $5 banknotes. The new design of the Australian $5 bills has very innovative yet eye-catching details. It’s obvious that Australian people still use and care for banknotes; and that physical money is important there. So, impressive technologies are used to create the newest currency notes. To […]


Brief Story Of The Rio 2016 Olympics Logo

The visual identity and the upbeat logo were created for the Rio 2016 Olympics. Wondering what’s the story inside? The Brazilian design agency Tátil Design created the 2016 logo for the event. According to Creative Bloq, Creative Manager, Daniel Souza, said, We designed the logo to represent the encounter of the Olympic spirit with the […]

Game of thrones of advertising

Game Of Agencies – The Game Of Thrones Parody For Advertising Professionals

Internet sensation and everyone’s favorite TV show, Game Of Thrones, gets its own advertising agency parody. Indian digital agency, Chimp&z makes brilliant illustrations of Game of Thrones characters set in an advertising agency. With trademark quotes and hilarious graphics, these illustrations are the perfect crossover between Game of Thrones & Mad Men! Without further ado, […]


Inspiring Calligraphy & Lettering Works By David Milan

Get inspired with the lettering and calligraphy works by David Milan. The idea of calligraphy has changed throughout the years. It’s goal is not scrupulous and esthetic handwriting anymore. Modern version of calligraphy gives creators more artistic space and shows their unique style. The perfect example of the modern calligraphy artist is David Milan, a […]


Minimalist Logos Of Most Famous Brands

What would happen if logos were more minimalistic? To answer this question, StockLogo re-designed famous logos using only lines, curves and brand colors. For this experiment, StockLogo decided to redesign widely recognised logos. Companies like Coca-Cola, Google, KFC, LEGO, Nike, Pepsi made the list. Redesigned logos, even though reduced to sheer curves, are still recognizable. […]