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Wanderlust Alphabet Is Bringing Travel And Typography Together

A Glaswegian-wonder form of art, illustration and typography are all in one project. Jack Daly designs an alphabet called The Wanderlust Alphabet, in which the cities are illustrated in letters.

It’s a wonderful project of a Glasgow-based illustrator and designer Jack Daly. He loves illustration, typography and travel, and he gathers all his passions together for this project.

Travelling is great, especially when you’re a good observer. Visiting the iconic places and cities in a country’s character lead to many artistic projects, such as this one.

In the Wanderlust Alphabet, we can see some of the European cities. Designed by their initial letters, they are Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copengahen, Dublin and Edinburgh. Inside the letters, there are famous cultural icons and landmarks on them, and they are beautifully placed in the letters’ curves.

For the passionate travellers, the Glaswegian artist tells that he’s not done globetrotting yet. So, he didn’t finish his work and in time he will continue travelling,  continues “alphabeting”.

He has designed covers and editorial illustrations for a bunch of publications, such as Greenpeace, Deloitte University Press and Pleasure Magazine.







He added the letters ‘S’ and ‘F’ after he designed a special project for SundanceTV, the official broadcast sponsor of the Sundance Film Festival.


Looks like Jack Daly’s project is an inspiring one to learn your favorite city’s landmarks and more.

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