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Social Now Europe 2015 Amsterdam

Social Now Europe 2015 will take place on April 20-21, 2015 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Social Now Europe is an international event where companies find the right enterprise social tool for bottom line results. Inspiring keynote speakers will share their view about the present and their vision for the future. Experienced professionals will share practical lessons learned. A knowledgeable host will get the best out of everyone in the room.

12+ social tools will be used to tell a story of how people work at Cablinc, a fictitious company created for Social Now. You will see how different tools enhance project-based collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation.

Participants from different countries and from diverse industries, long breaks, really nice food and a very relaxed atmosphere create the perfect environment to establish valuable connections and engage in rich experience-sharing conversations.

Details: socialnow.org

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