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snapchat benefits for business

How Snapchat Can Benefit Your Business

Snapchat is the new rising star in social media marketing, and businesses can benefit from it!

While Snapchat maybe popular among the millennials, the social powerhouse’s fleeting temporariness, leaves many marketers doubting the potential of its permanent impact with regards to brand images.

However, here’s an in-depth infographic by M2 On Hold making the business case for Snapchat.

The infographic looks into the following:

Snapchat In Numbers

First, the infographic delves into mind-blowing statistics to prove the popularity of Snapchat and its sphere of influence. With 100 million daily active users, an average user spending 30 mins on the app and 8 billion Snapchat daily video views, the staggering numbers prove the enormity of the app’s success.

Snapchat Means Business

How can you use the trending app to your benefit? Utilize Snapchat and promote your brand or product by live events, behind-the-scenes content, speak to the audience one-on-one and partner with Snapchat influencers!

Snapchat For Social

How can you integrate Snapcat into social media and use it as a social marketing tool? The infographic gives an overview on the following five-step process:

  1. Develop content
  2. Invite participation (via email, etc)
  3. Come up with creative concepts
  4. Add call-to-action
  5. Build a follower base

Significant Snapchat Tips

What are some essential tips to market your business on social media? Businesses can create profiles to develop paid marketing campaigns, they can tell stories, be personal, offer incentives and most importantly be creative and memorable.

The infographic below will not only teach you why you need to be on Snapchat but also how you can use the channel for your brand:

how snapchat can benefit businesses

Snapchat is full of marketing opportunities. Brands should jump on the Snapchat bandwagon before their competitors do.

Do you think Snapchat can benefit your business? Let us know in the comments below.

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