Razorfish Global Digital Marketing Report: Digital Dopamine

Global digital leader Razorfish recently published an in-depth global digital marketing report called “Digital Dopamine”.

Razorfish was charged with creating and building an immersive, interactive experience that functions as both an information terrace and an exclusive vehicle to connect visitors with the airport’s amenities, history, museum exhibits and surroundings. Serving as the entrance to the terminal’s boarding area, the installation space was designed by famed architecture firm Gensler.

To deepen consumer engagement in new and exciting ways, Razorfish combined digital elements-such as real-time travel data-with tactile experiences that allow users to explore the airport and its surroundings in a captivating way.

Razorfish took a deep dive into the qualitative and quantitative data of four international marketers (the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Brazil) to examine the ways in which digital technology is shifting traditional brand-consumer relationships. From uncovering global commerce expectations to identifying the effect of digital on our subconscious, this research set out to expose the key trends shaping marketing.

In addition to exclusive market data, this report provides marketers with a blueprint for how to incorporate and adapt to these critical findings in 2015 and beyond.

Download the full Digital Dopamine Report here.

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