Polaroid’s Old Camera Is Back With Awesome New Features

For its 80th anniversary, Polaroid releases a great new camera, Polaroid Pop that is both analog and digital.

We probably all had a Polaroid camera once in our lifetime. The iconic brand played a big role especially making photography an art and taking pictures as a habit of our daily routine. Hopes to attract its young customers, now it shows them “the best of both worlds” for analog and digital alternatives.

Robert Brunner, Designer at Ammunition Group, says,

I’m old enough that we grew up with the original Polaroid. The simplicity, fun, immediacy of it—we want to bring that back to a new generation, in formats that they would find interesting and exciting.

The company introduces its new product at CES 2017. The new camera “Pop” allows its users to print their pictures in the same format as Polaroid’s old pictures. The instant print function also allows users to send other photos from their camera rolls to the product using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The Pop isn’t just an instant camera — it’s also a digital camera that users can shoot in either format or both simultaneously. One of the nostalgic features is the Zink paper which is used as the base and activates crystals to create pictures while printing them out, amazing.


The Pop has a 3.97-inch touchscreen LCD,20-mp CMOS sensor inside, and a dual-LED flash plus can also record 1080p video. It also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for transferring images to users’ smartphones and printing feature. The product is designed by Ammunition Group; the same firm that designed Snap. The pricing hasn’t released for the product yet because it will be available at the end of this year.

We’re looking forward to see this retrospective gadget and can’t wait to take photos in old-style.

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