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Periscope Producer Now Lets You Stream From Pro Cameras, VR and More

Periscope is expanding its live-streaming abilities by adding new features, and just introduced the ‘Producer’ program.

Periscope‘s vision of broadcasting is expanding in time. The live-streaming technology goes beyond smartphones, which will allow users to stream via HD cameras, games, VR headsets, webcams, and desktop streaming software. Media organizations can also create streams and satellite trucks.

Periscope Producer aims to attract the content creators by expanding its streaming options.  They want to widen their target audience.


Periscope Producer brings a new vision to professionals, via high-quality stream on both live video service and Twitter. The Producer program, in which Periscope has collaborated with various media partners over the past six weeks, will result with more content variety in compared to live video on Twitter.

Users will see professional news broadcasts, live talk shows, and standard and VR game streams. Moreover, Periscope recently renewed its website to make it easier to discover more content. Viewers can also expect to see Twitter’s new live-streaming apps for Fire TV, Bbox One and Apple TV.

Kayvon Beykpour, CEO of the Periscope says:

We started Periscope about a year and a half ago the only way to broadcast was from a mobile device. The idea of being able to capture something that’s happening in the world and broadcast it on the Periscope and on the Twitter is extremely important the source of most of the content that we see showed live in the world, but we think there’s a really interesting other part of the spectrum of live content which is broadcasting aren’t necessarily captured just from the mobile device they’re maybe coming from a sattelite truck, someone’s software/hardware coder in their living room,

The magic of Periscope is that you can really easily watch live broadcast along with other people there’s no reason that you shouldn’t experience with any type of live broadcast even if it isn’t captured on mobile device. So the basic level we want people to be able to broadcast any type of live content in the Periscope and you can now do that with Periscope Producer.

The new feature will work on iOS at launch, but on Android en route. There’s no certain time for the debut of the Producer feature, but you can apply to become one.

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