Old Spice Introduces “Youland” – A Mad, Retro, 8 Bit Facebook Video Game

Old Spice has a new trick up its sleeve – a personalized game that’s a gateway into the brands surreal world, and now yours.

Created in the style of a ’80s 8-bit videogame, Old Spice’s Youland offers a choice of three games. As you can expect. They are quite fun.

Simply log in with Facebook and you can choose your own avatar and friends to play with (they’ll pop up in the game, for instance as a cop, for no particular reason – explaining that it’s just that the video game creators thought that would be cool).

Then you’ll be shown a tour of the game by Isaiah Mustafa (who else right?), before he disappears having been “only paid for 45 seconds of voiceover work.” From there, you’ll walk into a fantastical, nutty world.

Brace yourselves for talking animals, VR headsets, weird people, tattooing enemies in the face, interdimensional cyborg race cars (that’s right) and more.

The crazy never ends! Check it out:

Youland is designed by Old Spice’s favorite – digital powerhouse Wieden & Kennedy. In case you are wondering what’s the point of this game – who knows.

We promise you this: Old Spice’s Youland game is quirky, sensational, amusing and it’s super on brand!

Click here to start your own customizable video game.

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