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Digital Magazine Cover With Rihanna

First Ever Digital Magazine Cover With Rihanna!

AnOther Magazine has released a first ever, high-definition, digital magazine cover with Rihanna’s two minute video clip. Launched during Paris Fashion Week, AnOther Magazine, PCH and Alexander McQueen have collaborated to make this futuristic dream a reality, bringing the latest technologies to a traditional magazine format. This innovative magazine experience brings together the worlds of fashion, technology, […]

Apple Opens Secret Lab For Brands To Tweak Apple Watch Apps

Apple Opens Secret Lab For Brands To Tweak Apple Watch Apps

Apple has given partner brands early access to the smartwatch hardware and software so they can test their apps hands-on. BMW and Facebook are among the brands that have reportedly been given access to a private lab within Apple’s headquarters, where they can refine their apps for the Apple Watch before the device’s launch. Companies […]

adwords android application

First Ever Android App For Google AdWords

Google announced the launch of its first ever app dedicated to handling AdWords campaigns, and it is accessible worldwide for all existing AdWords clients. The AdWords for Android app, which had an initial debut in Canada last month, lets advertisers monitor campaigns and gives advertisers the ability to manage their campaigns. The app’s iOS version […]

Pornhub Wankband

Pornhub’s Alternative Energy Device: Wankband

Pornhub’s Wankband will offer users the ability to charge their phone and mobile devices by masturbating. The Pornhub Wankband will make big waves in both wearable technologies and Eco-friendly energy development. The Internet giant with 41 million daily users Pornhub announced Wankband, a wearable device for the wrist that creates energy from jerking-movements of the […]

google mobile friendly websites

Google Will Rank Mobile Friendly Sites Higher In SERPs

Mobile-friendly websites will rank higher than non-mobile friendly websites in Google search result pages on mobile devices. Starting April 21, Google will expand its use of “mobile-friendliness” as a ranking signal for mobile searches in all languages worldwide. Along with mobile site getting higher ranking, starting Thursday, Google will start to use more information from […]

Google Will Convert Flash Banners To HTML5 Automatically!

Google Will Convert Flash Banners To HTML5 Automatically!

Google announced that display ads created in Flash now will be converted automatically to HTML5. Flash ad campaigns, both existing and new, will automatically be converted to HTML5 to make them eligible for viewing on mobile devices and browsers that do not support Flash when uploaded through AdWords, AdWords Editor, and a variety of third-party […]

Starbucks iOS App Has Been Updated With Apple Pay

Starbucks iOS App Has Been Updated With Apple Pay

The official Starbucks application for iOS has been updated to add support for Apple Pay, making it possible for iOS users to reload their Starbucks cards using Apple’s payments service. Version 3.2.1 of the Starbucks app for iOS now allows customers to load their apps directly from Apple Pay, thus eliminating the need to manage their […]

Knit Launches Cardboard Objects For Google Cardboard

Knit Launches Cardboard Objects For Google Cardboard

Knit, a creative technology agency specialising in developing brand experiences using emerging technology, has launched “Cardboard Objects” as an extension to the affordable virtual reality (VR) headset, Google Cardboard. Knit designed “Cardboard Objects” as a prototype that explores using collectable real world objects to trigger relevant app based content. With these objects installed on a […]


Google’s Project Ara Phone As A Health Tracker

Google’s Project Ara is one of the company’s most ambitious projects. Also, it varies with design as a modular health tracker smartphone. Google’s first crop of Project Ara modular smartphones won’t be available until later this year but people are already trying to figure out ways to use it differently than existing phones. It’s a modular phone, […]


Hilton Replaces Hotel Room Keys With Mobile App

Hilton announces an initiative that will let guests access their rooms using their smartphones while relegating key cards to the history bin. The new Hilton app will turn hotel check-ins into a completely self-service experience. Starting next year, the company promises that guests will be able to select a room, check in, purchase upgrades and […]